Aggressive Chess Opening for White to WIN Fast  Belgrade Gambit
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Release of “Top 25 Middlegame Concepts”

Release of “Top 25 Middlegame Concepts”

Today I’m very happy to announce the launch of our new course “Top 25 Middlegame Concepts” – a topic that many of you (the RCA students) asked for!

What Benefits Do You Get?

  1. You will learn fundamental middlegame concepts that will help you get to the next level.
  2. You will learn to better value pawn structures. ‘
  3. You will know when a minor piece is better than the other, depending on the position, and learning from games of former world champions.
  4. You will understand how exchanges can benefit or harm your position.
  5. You will learn to use a different system of thought.

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Top 25 Middlegame Concepts Chess Course

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Today I’d like to share with you an aggressive chess opening for White which is especially suitable for blitz games. It is known as the Belgrade Gambit, which derives from the Four Knights Game after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Nc3 Nf6, White sacrifices the pawn with 4.d4 exd4 5.Nd5.

This gambit is so aggressive that it requires almost perfect play from Black to get an equal position. If your opponents are not really prepared, they can get into trouble very quickly as the opening is filled with deadly traps and pitfalls.

You will learn how to proceed against Black’s most common responses 5…Nxd5, 5…Nxe4, and the passive 5…Be7. Best of all, you can checkmate your opponent and win the game in just 12 moves in one of the lines!

You can find the PGN of this opening analysis below:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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