Review of “Killer Endgames Part-2” by the RCA Academy Manager

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designToday, I’d like to share with you the review of “Killer Endgames Part-2” prepared by the RCA Academy Manager. Mr. Manikandaswamy, an independent chess coach and certified RCA lesson assistant.
RCA Academy Manager

Review by Manikandaswamy


The course “Killer Endgames 2”, created by an English Grandmaster and 1998 World Under-18 Champion, Nick Pert, will appeal to a wide audience as it caters to the needs of chess players of different standards. He starts from 1800-level positions and finishes at the highest level.


This course deals predominantly with rooks. The comprehensive analysis offered by GM Pert teaches students the intricacies of rook endings.


This video course contains 21 videos and 16 puzzles. The videos are categorized according to rating standard and puzzles are provided for viewers to make use of the knowledge gained in order to solve them. The video format is entertaining and you can enhance your endgame knowledge in 4+ hours.


The eloquence of GM Pert adds aroma to the course. The explanations and the analysis are really deep and can be grasped easily by those watching.
graspGM Pert provides an endgame knowledge which is essential to convert a winning position to a win, and also this course focuses on how to deal with the endgames that appear to be destined for a draw.


I would recommend “Killer Endgames 2” to players above an 1800 FIDE rating who wish to acquire endgame knowledge quickly.


For those who prefer visual education to reading, “Killer Endgames Part-2” is an ideal choice for learning about rook endings.


– Manikandaswamy


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Killer Endgame by GM Nick Pert

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Finally, let me test your tactical skills.

Caruana – Ponomariov
Caruana vs Ponomariov White to play


Black just committed a mistake by playing 36…Be6. How can White make use of this? What is the best continuation for White? After calculating all possible variations, you can check answer here.

Comments: 1

Comments 1

  1. dear igor it just great the review is just fantastic for the nick pert.nick is a fantastic chesss gm and a coach i had already watched the dvd of nick pert .

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