Win 70% of Games With this Secret Trick in Ruy Lopez
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Win 70% of Games With this Secret Trick in Ruy Lopez

Win 70% of Games With this Secret Trick in Ruy Lopez

Introduction: Unlock the Winning Strategy in Ruy Lopez Chess Opening

When it comes to the greatest chess players in history, names like Magnus Carlsen, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Vishy Anand often emerge. One thing these players have in common is their use of the Ruy Lopez chess opening, from beginner to world champion levels.

While the Ruy Lopez opening might seem complex to amateur players, I’m here to reveal a secret weapon that combines the advantages of the Ruy Lopez without the complications, offering a remarkable 70% win rate. Curious to learn more? Watch the video to discover the strategy in action:

Below, you can find the variations shown in the video:

Unraveling the Ruy Lopez Opening: A Strategic Approach

The Ruy Lopez opening (also known as the Spanish Game) originates from the sequence 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5. Typically, Black responds with 3…a6, prompting White’s bishop retreat to a4. However, a more effective variation to consider is the exchange variation 4.Bxc6, a secret weapon with surprising success rates in amateur games.

ruy lopez exchange variation

The Winning Sequence in the Exchange Variation

In this exchange variation, after 4.Bxc6, Black recaptures with 4…dxc6 to make room for their c8-bishop. Instead of immediately capturing the pawn with 5.Nxe5, White plays 5.Nc3, a strong move on amateur levels.

ruy lopez exchange variation

This avoids the immediate pawn capture by Black’s 5…Qd4 and sets the stage for a real threat on Black’s pawn on e5.

Proving with Data: 70% Win Rate

A look at the database reveals that Black’s most played move is 5…Bd6, a logical development move that defends the pawn on e5. This position challenges Black’s center with 6.d4, and after Black captures with 6…exd4, White recaptures with the queen 7.Qxd4, targeting Black’s pawn on g7.

ruy lopez exchange variation

The key move for Black is 7…f6 to maintain equality, but only 30% of players make this move, resulting in a staggering 70% win rate for White.

Countering Black’s Ineffective Moves

Analyzing various possible responses from Black when faced with White’s strategy, we uncover errors that lead to White’s advantage:

  1. Defending with 7…Nf6: A natural but flawed move, allowing White to exploit the position with 8.e5, gaining a substantial material advantage.
  2. 7…c5: While attempting to defend, this move leads to losing material for Black after 8.Qxg7, benefiting White’s position.
  3. 7…Qf6: Although defending and offering queen trade, this move again falls into the trap of 8.e5, creating a double attack and providing White with the upper hand.

I’ve also covered other variations and sidelines (including the early deviations like the Steinitz Defense or the Berlin Defense) in the video lesson – watch the full video lesson.

Conclusion: Conquer with Confidence in Ruy Lopez

The lesson concludes by encouraging our followers to adopt this secret trick in the Ruy Lopez opening. The strategy offers a strong chance of winning, with a 70% success rate against opponents who fail to respond correctly.

Ready to dominate the chessboard? Watch the video and unlock the secret trick that can lead you to a 70% win rate in the Ruy Lopez opening. Watch the video and transform your chess game today!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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