Interesting games from Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz (Part-2)

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This is the second part of the article “Interesting games from Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz”. If you missed the first part, you can find it here. Rapid and blitz are limited-time controlled chess games. This means that the players have only few minutes in order to think and play their moves. Therefore, there are huge chances that the players will make mistakes.

And not just mistakes, they would make huge mistakes! Nevertheless, it is amazing to see how these top grandmasters can find brilliant moves in a matter of few seconds. Today I’ll share with you some more games with stunning tactics and huge blunders. 🙂

Garry Kasparov – Ian Nepomniachtchi
St. Louis chess Rapid & Blitz Black to play

White’s position is very cramped, but how can Black finish him off?

David Navara – Hikaru Nakamura
St. Louis chess Rapid & Blitz Black to play

Something is wrong with White’s position. The b2-bishop seems to be very well protected piece, but is that really the case? Can you smell the tactics like Nakamura did?

you may like to see the instructive video lesson “4 useful tips to avoid blunders”.

Garry Kasparov – Quang Liem Le
St. Louis chess Rapid & Blitz Black to play

Kasparov had a hard time in the opening, however he managed to escape. In the above diagram above we can see the position after the 40th move. The position is approximately equal, because the material is even and both sides don’t have any real weakness.

However, Le offers a great gift to Kasparov by placing his rook on e8. This was the biggest blunder of the tournament and it’s really hard to explain why this happened.

Fabiano Caruana – Dominguez Perez
St. Louis chess Rapid & Blitz White to play

In this position we can expect only two results, draw or win for Black. This is logical, because Black is a pawn up and only he can press for the win. However the position is not totally clear and White has his own chances to defend successfully. If Black activates his king, then it’s all over. Now it’s White’s turn. What should he do?

White didn’t find the best move immediately, but he found it a move later. Black tried too hard to win this position and at the end he lost the game. The limited-time control was a key factor.

This was a great event and we are very lucky to see strong players to play altogether in one place. I hope you enjoyed this article and you’re very welcome to share it with your friends! 🙂

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Comments: 8

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      1. deear igor sir ,carlsen anand sergey ,and another top players got eliminated from world cup 2017 what a shocking news what do you think about the world cup this year??they get tlose to anton smrinov and others young talented grandmasters.

  1. yeayh yeah i completely agree with the below guy commented it was the greatest of all the chess event i saw all the games which are posted above and i know all the answeres dear igor sir these top players are great.brilliant.far advanced than ims.

  2. dear sir aronian wins the wold cup 2nd time in the history of chess this is just fantastci what do youthni kyour favourite wins the world cup he verltytime presure his opponents by unlashing the novelty in everygame sir waaow just brilliatn.

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