Interesting games from Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz

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The highly-anticipated return of the chess legend Garry Kasparov is real. The king of kings was back in real action when he played in the recent St. Louis Rapid and Blitz chess tournament.

Perhaps everyone’s attention was on Garry’s games, but Levon Aronian played brilliant chess and he managed to win the tough competition. Today I have collected for you some cool games and interesting positions from the event – enjoy learning! 🙂

Quang Liem Le – Fabiano Caruana

St. Louis chess Rapid & Blitz

Black to play

Here we can see a complicated endgame. Black pinned the bishop on d4 and White is threatening to capture on g6. In the actual game Caruana found the best move, b2, so he managed to promote his pawn.  46…b2! 47.Rxg6 Rxd4 This is the idea. 48.Rxd4 b1Q 49.Rd7 Kf8 50.Rdxg7
St. Louis chess Rapid & Blitz

Black to play

Black has an extra queen, however, White has a strong initiative with his rooks. This is very critical for Black and there is only one defensive resource. Could you try to find the best continuation for Black?


Hikaru Nakamura – Fabiano Caruana

St. Louis chess Rapid & Blitz

Black to play

This was a very fighting game, however, here Caruana missed a golden opportunity to win the game. Passed pawns are killers, as Nimzovich used to say. So the question is how to promote the e2-pawn. Can you find a way in order to use your far advanced pawn?


Hikaru Nakamura – Garry Kasparov

St. Louis chess Rapid & Blitz

White to play

This was another fighting game. Nakamura has a choice: he can run on the queenside to promote his a4-pawn or he can run on the kingside in order to capture the week h4-pawn. The latter looks better because Black would have to keep an eye on a4-pawn and on h3-pawn.


So what is your plan? 🙂

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Levon Aronian – David Navara

St. Louis chess Rapid & Blitz

White to play

It is a very critical position for White. His knight on e5 is under attack and the most logical move is to go back, am I right? Indeed, this is logical, but on the other hand, strong players try to find the best moves and strive not to retreat their pieces.


Aronian found a brilliant move in order to create a powerful attack. Can you continue in the same style?


What was your favorite game from the tournament? Who was your favorite to win? 🙂 Did you enjoy Kasparov’s return or were you disappointed? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Comments: 3

Comments 3

  1. yeah sir igor kasprov is just fantastic chess player he wins all the games in past i liked very much i am following all the game of him and other players helps a lot in this one the above published games were brilliant i watched all the live action during the game how players make mistakes sergey karjkakin your friend played blitz.aronian is just brilliant he is going to marriage in couple of days.

      1. yeah sir awesome yesterday i saw a live match of im danny rench against komodo latest version man vs machine on on youtube channel of him awesome performance by him great improve thought process and komodo is 3400+ what do you think about it??

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