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Let me remind you that today is the LAST chance for you to get my new book Champion Psychology (LINK) with a huge 25% discount (saving more than 7 USD)! 🙂

The discount coupon is “champ25” and if you don’t know how to use a discount coupon, please see here: LINK


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Some of our students were pretty active – they bought the book immediately and have almost finished studying it, such that they have submitted their feedback too! 🙂

Note: for privacy reasons, we will show their usernames used to comment instead of their full names.

You can look at some of their comments below:

You answered the question that my coaches did not answer – you showed me how to train in the right way, your teaching changed my way of thinking. I like the thing the helping attitude to help the people to improve there chess progress, you always like to share the secrets of strong players that strong players his the other thing that i like in you.

– igor smirnov desiple

Great practical and effective advices from a chess coach. Just purchased the book and completed in one go in five hours (the language is pretty simple and book is very interesting like a novel) and I can say that it is a great collection of the most effective and practical advises by a chess coach. In fact, the advises are not only applicable for achieving greater heights in chess but to reach the top in any part of life…

– JP Singh

Congrats to GM Smirnov, Just skimming through the book from cover to cover brings me joy and chess inspiration.

– Day_Dreamer

Thanks a lot for your nice words; such feedback will motivate and help us to create much better and quality lessons for you! 🙂

Therefore, don’t miss this great opportunity – if you want to improve in chess psychologically, then this is the right moment for that! Also, you can find more information about the book and even have a preview here: LINK

Additionally, after studying the book, don’t forget to leave your comments below. You may also let us know your feedback by contacting us: LINK


Finally, let’s see if you have good attacking skills. 🙂


White to play

White has two greatly placed bishops and is ready to go on an attacking adventure. How would you play here as White?

After calculating all moves, you may find the answer here: LINK

Comments: 2

Comments 2

  1. Well this book is very unique.
    Warning: it will probably destroy all your alibis ! 🙂
    E.g. chapter 21 “What obstructs 95% of players?” is something one (myself for sure) should read once a day , every day.
    Best Regards,

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