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There was an amusing coincidence after I published the previous lesson. One person posted the following question in comments:


The next day I received an e-mail from another student. Surprisingly, it related to the same topic. So I’ve asked the student if it’s OK to publish his e-mail. He didn’t mind, and sent me his photo. Here’s his message.

StudentDear Igor

My name is… Igor :). Originally I’m Russian, but I lived in Denmark for many years and still do. I am your big fan from and I would like to express my greatest respect to what you are doing. Your teaching system is absolutely fantastic simply because you are really sharing the SECRET KNOWLEDGE about chess! Something one wouldn’t find in any chess book!

I learned chess quite late, at 16, and played my first tournament at 17. I’m 27 now and some years ago I reached 2400 ELO but really couldn’t make any single IM norm for more than 2 years. I was outplaying lower rated opponents, but my results against IMs and GMs were simply bad.

Then I heard one IM mentioning how important it is to “keep the tension” during a game. This idea was a complete surprise for me, but seemed very interesting and I started to look for any kind of chess material on that topic – there was practically nothing… But then I accidentally found one of your free lessons where you state this beautiful principle: TO TAKE IS A MISTAKE! I implemented this new (SECRET :)) method into my thinking system and immediately made 2 IM norms quite easily!

Then I decided to buy your chess course “CALCULATE TILL MATE” and was absolutely amazed by how much valuable information it contains! I started thinking more and more about my thinking algorithms and tried to improve them. Finally one month ago I made my final IM-norm and became an International Master. I really want to THANK YOU! Your course really opened my eyes and now I know what to do to improve my chess.

Best regards

Igor Teplyi

First of all, I’d like to congratulate Igor Teplyi on becoming an International Master! This is a great achievement for a person who played his first tournament aged 17 and stagnated in his progress for more than two years before breaking through to the IM title.

Lots of players share a common delusion – that it’s hard to progress in chess in adult age. Today I’m publishing messages from different people; let me publish my comments as well 🙂 This is what I answered to the student’s message presented at the top of this article.



If you have some doubts like this:

  • “Do I have enough talent to be good at chess?”
  • “Am I too old to progress?”
  • “Can I progress now if I was stagnating over the last few years?”
  • “Can I progress if I live in a small city/country where chess is not popular?”

Take into account this simple fact: while you are having doubts, other people are making their way forward and achieving great successes.

I regularly receive messages from students who have considered buying my complete courses for months and even for years (!!). This is ridiculous. Chess players must think quickly and efficiently.

If you want to achieve any real chess progress, you should train SERIOUSLY. Learning random videos/books here and there will not help (your results will be as random as your training).

You need to make a certain decision and move in that direction. You may buy my complete courses; they should help for sure. If you dislike my courses for some reason, then find a good private coach. But DO SOMETHING!

Over the next three days, till Monday 31st March, I’ll provide you with a 10% DISCOUNT for any of my complete courses. Use the discount coupon action while placing your order and it will cut 10% off the price. You can find instructions on proper usage of a discount coupon here: LINK

all-courses<<Get Your Course Now>>

Usually I plan “special offers” in advance, but this one is completely spontaneous. I’m so annoyed to keep on reading messages from people who “have their unique doubts” (while, in reality, these doubts are very common, shared by 50% of players, and are WRONG!).


Once again: you need to make a certain decision and move in that direction. Buy my complete courses, or find a good private coach, or admit that your chess results will stay on the current level forever. But MAKE A DECISION. As “Nike” states: “Just do it!


P.S. Despite of all my efforts, some people will certainly write to me that they need more than three days to think 🙂 In a tournament chess game, you have approximately three minutes to make a move. I’m giving you three DAYS!
Comments: 12

Comments 12

  1. I’ve started playing at 43 and my initial goal is be able choose moves with a purpose – a plan or goal in mind – not just move randomly because I don’t know what to do. Igors courses have given me that – I still might select poor moves but I’m training my thinking process. Already I have seen massive improvements in my game and it’s simply more fun – win or lose – when you are playing a thinking game as opposed to a clueless game

  2. Indeed, recent research indicates people get better at learning as they age. Health concerns are usually the only limiting factor. Maintain excellent health and you can keep right on learning.

  3. How many of us are stagnant only because we are unable to take a decision (whatever the chosen path)?

    Indecision is fear. Fear to err.

    We, the chess players, are very biased to analyze, evaluate and analyze for too much time, and we try to do the same for the daily living. So, we are unable to decide to buy a course because we are trying to foresee the result beforehand 🙂

    So, we have to relearn that, in many cases, the experience of some choice (good or bad) is needed.

    In that case, many of us can decide NOW to buy some course, and doing it allow us later to give a proper opinion about it. Also, after some decision we are going to be more confident for the next.

  4. sir, I m a 20 year old guy I started playing chess at 17, and within one year got a rating of 1659, but after that I moved to this place, where there r no tmts, and I hv been stagnating here for 2 years and havnt played a rated tmt since 2years
    kindly suggest some courses for me
    I am a student and my current budget is 7000
    or shud I save more

  5. sir, I m a 20 year old guy I started playing chess at 17, and within one year got a rating of 1659, but after that I moved to this place, where there r no tmts, and I hv been stagnating here for 2 years and havnt played a rated tmt since 2years
    kindly suggest some courses for me
    I am a student and my current budget is Rs. 70000
    Or should I save more

    1. There’s something similar in your situation with Igor Teplyi mentioned above (he played his first tourney at 17, and stagnated during 2 years at some point). So don’t be frustrated, you certainly can and should keep moving forward.

      In reply to your question, you should start from one of my fundamental courses, choose “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” or “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding”.
      Till Monday 31 March there’s a discounted price for the courses, which is suitable if you are tight in budget.

      I wish you all the best! And don’t forget to let us know about your successes afterwards!

  6. I Igor, congratulation to Igor Teplyi to become a IM. I told you that I played Cappelle la Grande. I made 5/9, I had a price 100 € there.
    My rating is 1845 but my openings where good, by the way I lost 2 games where I was in a better position ! Shame on me. But I had a book about the Dutch opening wrote by a Ukrainian GM who live in spain now. May be you know him, He won 2 or 3 times the Ukrain championship. Like you he explain good, may be you are Ukrainian too ! The dutch leningrad is so difficult to play, for my level maybe. Wath to you thing ?
    Is it a good opening ? By the way I wanted to have one opening against 1. Nf3, 1.c4, 1.d4 and the dutch do but it’s certainly a difficult one if you are not at less 2300 or +.

  7. hey Igor please respond to my mail. It caintain lot of importanat information and please suggest the recommendation for me in the mail

  8. Hi Igor, Im a 16-year-old-boy, my rating is 1500 more or less. I play really well against 2000-2300 elo people but I play normal even bad against my level people. It´s strange I don´t know why, why does it happens to me? Thanks!!

  9. Hello Igor. I am 24 years old and have just started playing chess. I have developed a passion for it. I wish I had started playing sooner! Your words are very encouraging and I appreciate what you are doing. Thank you.

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