Remote Chess Academy is proud to support chess all over the world! We have students (who passed our training courses) from 125 countries! It’s an honor for us to unite enthusiastic chess fans from all around the globe. The countries of our students are marked by grey color on the map below. Under the map you can find a feedback from some of the students.

“I myself used some of the materials presented by Igor on Youtube and I was a very satisfied customer.”

GM Jaan Ehlvest (USA)

“Dear chess friend,
My name is Jaan Ehlvest. I was one of the top tournament players during 1988 till 1991 when I finished the World Cup tournament series only behind Kasparov, Karpov and Salov.
Nowadays I am a devoted chess coach. I am one of a very few former elite or todays GMs who have a degree from college. I studied psychology and because of that I was very keen to listen to Igor Smirnov’s webinar about how to think in chess.
Igor is not the first who has tried to find a simple algorithm for novice players to help them think like a Grandmaster. Soviet GM Kotov wrote a book a long time ago “Think like a grandmaster”. Other authors like Silman are also trying to cover this subject. Usually, they have too serious a theoretical background which is difficult to apply in practice.
Talking about Smirnov’s concept – it is more practical. I like that he has a lot of examples from practical games. You must follow the best brains if you are talking about the decision-making process in chess. Igor gives good examples using unconsciously the induction and deduction method in chess. The material is presented in a logical hierarchy and must be easy to understand for both the very beginners and the advanced players. Igor, however, is warning the audience that this is only the beginning. Which is the case in chess, as you need long hours to studying even a simple concept?
I myself used some of the materials presented by Igor on Youtube and I was a very satisfied customer. He covers the subject thoroughly from start to finish. This is probably his only weakness because I think the webinar should be shorter, like one hour. I would recommend this webinar to serious chess aficionados and I am waiting for the follow-up of this subject.”


Jose Gascon, IM (Venezuela):

Hi i am a 15 years old boy from Venezuela, a Country where for me its really difficult to find a good coach…im a player that usually have a performance of 2100 in tournaments and a rating of 2000 …

so when i see the web i see it as a chance to have a improvement of my chess. i study the course the GM Secrets and thats increidible how GM Igor Smirnov explains the most importants ideas. i began to use this ideas on tournaments and i quickly recover the money by winning Open tournaments with a lot of adult players (and thats not the best in June 2010!!)

I placed second shared first with 7/9 and performance of 2300 in the National of Experts and Masters that were playing 3 IM , 3 FM and all the other players are National Masters and National Experts. I was one of the few players without a title and i won my first title at the age of 14 !!

National Master ?? thats not the best!! recently i become the youngest International Master of my country by winning the Central American and Caribbean Junior Championship with 6,5/9 and performance of 2270. appart in this tournament i won a 9 game GM Norm.

I am really really happy with your courses and how they make effects in my chess. The best of the course is that only not explains a system of thinking in chess !!! Explains how to teach yourself and how to prepare for specific games and tournaments !!!

So i highly recommended to invest a few money buying this course and let Igor do all the rest!!! Congrats Igor Smirnov and really thanks for your help as a next objetive im planning to become GM at the age of 18!!!!! reading all your courses and following your training method !! Thank you again and bye bye…


Mujun Yu (China),
owner of the chess course “The GM’s secrets”:

“My son Justin started chess at the age of five and soon began bringing home trophies from local children’s chess tournaments.

Elated, I began to ask coaches to give him private lessons and bought several chess books. But the books were too dry for an eight-year-old. His progress was slow and bumpy. In many a game, he could not find a single tactics to employ.

Sometimes, he simply did not know how to proceed. The games became lifeless.I did not know how to help him improve other than switching coaches. That is how I stumbled into Igor.

From the first lesson, I became instantly fascinated by his simple clear teaching. He focuses on a few cardinal principles of the chess games that makes sense to the students and who can apply in the games. He supplements the principles with a systemic way of thinking to find the best moves in every turn.

Justin’s game took off immediately. In the next few months, he was gaining 200 ICC points in rating per month until 2000. He excitedly reported that when he followed the principles learned from the lessons, the positions on the board became so favorable that tactics just came to him.

I can honestly say this: as far as my boy is concerned, Igor is the best chess coach in the world!”


Keith MacKinnon (Canada), owner of the chess course
“The Grandmaster’s secrets”:


GM Igor Smirnov has developed an effective system of chess improvement. If you follow his advice, you will become a stronger player. To back up my claim, I have evidence that following Igor’s system will get you good results.

sRecently, I won a qualification tournament for a GM round robin (first in my life) with GM norm chances! I am really happy!”


Karthik V AP (Tirupathi):

I am Karthik V AP of Thirupathi, from India. I now have a FIDE rating of 2276, from just 2100 in the span of a few months; and I shared 1stplace, together with 3 Grand Masters, in an international GM tournament. I am very proud that I am being tutored by GM Igor Smirnov, through his accredited Indian representative, Mr Manikandaswamy of SMK Chess Academy situated at Vellore.
‘Openings Laboratory – 2’, helped me gain easy victories against strong and titled players by using RCA’s novel and pre-game preparations.

Through the course‘Calculate till Mate’, my calculating ability has changed completely, and it has opened my eyes to the vast vista of opportunities to develop the most interesting moves against tough opponents.

And now (finally as of now), even strong engines like Houdini cannot find my move made in the game and my moves are now considered the best in-line continuation.

The course ‘An Endgame Expert’ has prompted me to think positively in very critical situations and allowed me to take control of the game and direct it as I prefer or wish to, for the desired results.

What Igor was saying is 100% true. I even had difficulties in the endgame. I always tried to “think, think and think harder” to find moves at that stage, which just made me frustrated and even I lost good endgames in the past. But now it’s like sliding on ice – I can make good moves easily and quickly, and now I can say that I am driving the game in the direction I want.

Hence, as well as commending my coach Manikandaswamy, I highly recommend this combination of courses (Openings Lab – 2 + Calculate Till Mate + An Endgame Expert) for serious and ambitious players who strive to achieve IM and GM titles.
Please check my recent games
Thanking you,
Karthik V AP.
FIDE profile:


Dear Igor My name Studentis …Igor Originally I’m Russian, but I lived in Denmark for many years and still do. I am your big fan from and I would like to express my greatest respect to what you are doing. Your teaching system is absolutely fantastic simply because you are really sharing the SECRET KNOWLEDGE about chess! Something one wouldn’t find in any chess book!
I learned chess quite late, at 16, and played my first tournament at 17. I’m 27 now and some years ago I reached 2400 ELO but really couldn’t make any single IM norm for more than 2 years. I was outplaying lower rated opponents, but my results against IMs and GMs were simply bad.

Then I heard one IM mentioning how important it is to “keep the tension” during a game. This idea was a complete surprise for me, but seemed very interesting and I started to look for any kind of chess material on that topic – there was practically nothing…But then I accidentally found one of your free lessons where you state this beautiful principle:

TO TAKE IS A MISTAKE! I implemented this new (SECRET :)) method into my thinking system and immediately made 2 IM norms quite easily!

Then I decided to buy your chess course “CALCULATE TILL MATE” and was absolutely amazed by how much valuable information it contains! I started thinking more and more about my thinking algorithms and tried to improve them. Finally one month ago I made my final IM-norm and became an International Master. I really want to THANK YOU! Your course really opened my eyes and now I know what to do to improve my chess.
Best regards
Igor Teplyi


Christopher Wright (New Zealand)
owner of the chess course “The Grandmaster’s secrets”:

“”We live in an age where there is a lot information in the form of chess books and videos. The problem is they are copies from a database without explanation, or they are moves that provide a superficial explanation of the position with the view to meet the level of the average club player.

Knowledge is provided, but omit the needs of the progressive student. No IM or GM wishes to give their own secret analysis because they want to keep it to themselves for their own use. Hence, why club players don’t improve because the source information is concealed.

By contrast GM Igor Smirnov is not scared to be honest telling you what the professional chess player actually does today. His focus on quality helps you to lift your mediocre standards. His approach is simple and effective. Igor’s tuition comes from his own experience, so he knows what he is talking about. As Igor states “proven by practice”.

However, such a serious teacher requires a serious and aspiring student, and if you are willing to accept his recommendations then you will achieve your chess goals.
IA. Dr. Christopher Wright (New Zealand)
International Arbiter of FIDE”


Kesaris Aggelos (Greece):

“”I am A. kesaris from Greece. I study chess about 10 years and about 4 to 8 hours a day. My chess results were not so good as I expect. It was obvious that i do something wrong.
I start training with some Greek Gms and they help me a lot.But, I make a real progress in chess when I start see the free video lessons of mr. I. Smirnov and especially when I study the Grandmaster secret! No one else, really, give before this concrete system of thinking… After that I really enjoy to play chess games and I know that I make the best moves in the position.

With the new chess course of mr. Smirnov self-taught grandmaster I can organize everything and perfectly!
The other really important thing with this course is that he gives to us the theory and the knowledge, which we need to learn in different levels. The difficult think is not to find the material. The difficult thing is what and when we must learn something.
I love psychology. Especially the human’s psychology. It is very effective in real chess games. I start psychology books but I didn’t always take useful information. With this course I solve a lot of my questions!
I am chess trainer. I had create a system of training and the structure of material. Now I am 100% sure that I am in the correct way and I completely know what I can say to children and how to prepare them to be ready for the next chess level, starting study mr. Smirnov’s chess courses.
The conclusion is that I am really enjoy to study and play chess regularly and now I do it with more success!
I finish in 1st place in my last tournament! So I will take the opportunity and say that your course helps me a lot! I can prove it with practical results!


Werner Poets (Belgium), owner of the chess course “The GM’s Openings Lab:

I’m Poets Werner, 39 years old.The method of GM Smirov to improve your chess is based on working on a solid way of playing by channelling your thought processes. This is not only explained in the course “The Grand Master’s secrets” but you also find there significant material to practice this method so you can make it as a second nature.
Therefore I recommend to you to study first the course “The Grand Master’s secrets”. Noteworthy is that this GM Smirov in this course recommend not to invest too much time in the memorization of openings and instead emphasizes more systematic thinking about your moves. This method increases your understanding of the game and this gives you greater confidence.

Yet the first thing someone is confronted with in a chess game is the opening. And after a number of games, were it goes already wrong in the first ten moves, one may have the tendency to deal with his opening repertoire. Moreover, if you play the opening of a chess game with confidence this will positively affected the further stages of the game.
This is why, I assume, GM Smirnov has developed the course “The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory”. Here are the principles of the course “The Grand Master’s secrets” applied to the various kinds of openings. There is also a distinction between openings suitable for players below master level and master players or higher. It also explains why this is so.
“The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory” gives you advice on building solid opening repertoire. You also get advice on opening lines which best fit the principles explained in the course “The Grand Master’s secrets” and to avoid developments in the game which require much knowledge of opening theory. That way you can make the most of own skills that you’ve acquired by studying the course “The Grand Master’s secrets”. I can assure you that it works.
There are many books about openings. The problem is often that people, after reading such a book, will know how to play an opening game but not how it should after the opening phase. Therefore, GM Smirov has for every openings line which he suggest a great number quality games added according this line. Studying these games allows to get you inspiration for the further conduct of the game after the proposed opening line. These games are in pgn-format so you can go easily though them.
You can have this unique and practical useful course material for a price of less than two books. What are you waiting for?”

“8 months ago i just started playing. Now I am 1800, and moving up fast.”

Vladimir Dragovic (Serbia):

hello Igor,your new course is what was needed!it brings all that i went thru in your previous courses on new, deeper level of understanding.
I am so surprised, and on second thought i am not. it is now obvious that you deeply understand the teaching proces.
i am so glad that i can proudly tell that thru your video courses i had and still have profound guidance.
about 8 months ago i just started playing. now i am around 1800, and moving up fast.
i am aware that soon it is not going to be easy at all to brake elo barriers, but i just want to play good chess. i started competing for a chess club. and for the record, i am 49.
From your new couse i learned that rethinking about what was understood, polishing thinking proces and cleaning

foundation or basics is firm ground for improvement. it is so great to go thru your previous couses with new excitement at the same time playing these new tests you set for us.
thank you very much for coaching! i think i can say that even i am not strong player at the moment, the way i feel the game now brings me confidence which makes me opened for achievement.

“My son and I have gained significant progress in our playing level.”

Suartana Kadek (Indonesia):

This course is just fantastic……..!!! It simplifies complicated theory but yet provides powerful chess understanding. My son and I have gained significant progress in our playing level.
Recently my son was beating a senior player who might have been playing chess for more than 10 years…
I highly recommend it to any player who is tired of studying hundreds of pointless theories.
about 8 months ago i just started playing. now i am around 1800, and moving up fast.
i am aware that soon it is not going to be easy at all to brake elo barriers, but i just want to play good chess. i started competing for a chess club. and for the record, i am 49.
Thanks, Igor!

“The Results Were Too Good For Me!”

Durgesh K (Bangalore city, India):

I always had this question as to what these GMs and IMs think in their head during the game. I always found it tough to understand the nuances of chess. I had lost hopes and resigned to the fact that there is no one who can give correct answer to my question. Chess improvement seemed too far for me.
Then came your ground breaking positional understanding video training program. It blew me away right from the start.
The results were too good for me, I started winning convincingly against 1900 rated players and the recent scalp was 2160 rated player. I dedicate all these wins to you. Its because of your lessons that my thinking process is streamlined.
I think in these times where top GMs don’t share their understanding and skills, you are the only gem to break the rules and create an envious following. You are the best. Thanks a ton again.
Durgesh K
Innovators Chess Academy

“Hear This: They Work!”

Philip Porter (USA):

Last time I contacted you it was because I defeat an opponent rated 1000 points higher than me.
Yesterday I just finished a tourney and i defeated one opponent rated 1200 points higher than me then another rated 800 points higher. Afterward ppl were coming to me asking who I was, whats my rating and if I knew who I had just defeated as if I had defeated the best players around.
Not to brag but I thought those guys werent too difficult. I’ve studied GM secrets thoroughly. I have also studied your opening, positional and planning courses somewhat, but not like i should have. To top this off its been about 6 weeks since I’ve done anything chess related.
So for anyone out there questioning ANY of Igor Smirnov’s course, hear this, they work! And this is coming from a guy who didnt completely study the aboved courses yet. The money I have spent on your courses has been repaid EASILY with the tournament I have won thus far!!

“About Two Months Ago I Decided To Give IT Another Try…”

Zoltán Páll (Romania):

Hi Igor Smirnov
A year ago I purchased your Grandmaster’s Secrets lesson. I felt instantly that this is what I need. However my ratings didn’t go up. I decided not to use your refund policy. Simply because I felt that something might be wrong with me and not with the course. Anyway I was a little disappointed.
About two months ago I decided to give it another try and bought the GM’s Positional Understanding course.
Let me tell U this: after your Grandmaster’s Secrets course I felt a little bit disappointed but after purchasing your GM’s Positional Understanding course I was and still I am delighted. After studying (I still am) I had the “I was blind but now I see” feeling. And even now when playing chess I have this strong (“I was blind but now I see”) feeling.
I can’t say enough how happy this makes me. Moreover, I’m looking forward to finish this and hit The Grandmaster’s Secrets again. Sincerely I can’t even explain to myself what the hell I couldn’t understand then.
After studying the GM’s Positional Understanding the wonderful thing is that now I understand why I was losing. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to lick your boots, it’s just that I’m that happy.
I wish you all the best, keep up with the good work.
A satisfied customer,
Zoltán Páll
PS My ratings went higher with 200 points instantly, and I
haven’t started the practical part yet.

“IT Contains A Lot Of Unique Ideas, Which Are Not Presented In Chess Books.”

Sahapol Nakvanich (TAI):

Dear Sir,
After listen to your course on “How to Beat Titled Players” I recommend to anyone who want to improve and want to beat titled player.
It contains a lot of unique ideas, which are not presented in chess books. The course helped me to look at the chess game from another angle. Now I know what is the best style of playing and how exactly I can win even against much stronger opponents.
I have purchased all your courses and I found them really useful!
Secretary Thailand Chess Association,
Sahapol Nakvanich

“After Applying Your Methods Of Principled Play, My Chess Skill Has Improved Dramatically.”

Robert Kent (USA),
owner of the chess course “The GM’s secrets”:

“GM Smirnov,
These video and text presentations are oustanding! I have been studying chess books and materials for many hours a day but have not been able to make any significant headway in my playing skill–until now!
Finally, a GM who can explain the ways and means of improving chess ability in terms that even a fish (no longer!) like me can understandSmile After applying your methods of principled play, my chess skill has improved dramatically. I can actually “see” the board and the game much differently!! My rating on the ICC improved from 1400 to 1780 in several months!!
I highly recommend anyone who wishes to improve their playing skill to watch these highly instructional videos!
Thank you soo much!
Robert Kent
Major, U.S. Army”


Leonard C. (UAE):

My teacher told me, that I am already the best player at my school!
I am 10 years old and live in Dubai (UAE), I am in the 5th grade.
I started to play chess a few years ago, my parent taught me the rules and some basic strategies.
Even though I knew the game, I did not have the right strategical understanding to beat stronger opponents…but after watching Igor Smirnov’s GM Secrets (together with my Dad) I suddenly was able to beat all players of my school (even the teachers, which played for years) and I managed to win against my Dad (former club player several times!
Yesterday I received the new course “How to beat stronger Players” from Igor Smirnov and I already watched and studied a good bit of it.
Again, this course is *SUPER*! I have learnt so much already from the first few modules and I am confident, that I will beat MUCH stronger opponents very soon (I plan to become a club player in the summer time…)!

“…These Two Courses Simply Invaluable As a Help To Save a Lot Of Time And Efforts.”

Grygoriev Alexey (UKR),
owner of the chess course
“The GM’s Openings Lab.”:

“I am amazed how much methodologically competently (step by step) this course (by the way, and the first course “The GM’s secrets” too) is made.
“The focusing goes on the most important ideas (without any “water” or unnecessary variants); it helps to build correct system of thinking in a head. The Course shows the basic strategic ideas of an opening on which it is necessary to concentrate your attention first of all. Thus it becomes clear why some openings (for example, Pirc or King’s Indian defense) which seems good at first sight, actually are doubtful enough – because they transfer these unresolved problems to the middlegame.
“In a course there are many practical recommendations which I have found useful to myself: how to work effectively with a database, how to use the computer for an openings’ studying etc. The practical part of a course – which helps to create a powerful opening repertoire both for white and for the black – deserves separate panegyrics.
“By the way, for those who want to study chess seriously – these two courses simply invaluable as a help to save a lot of time and efforts.”

“IT Provides The Students Of Any Age
A Clear Path For Becoming A GM
Or At Least An Im In 3-5 Years.”

Jai Prakash Singh (India):

The course ‘Self Taught Grandmaster’ by GM Igor Smirnov takes different elements from Russian & Ukranian chess schools and educational psychology and integrates them in a new chess course.
It provides the students of any age a clear path for becoming a GM or at least an IM in 3-5 years. This course answers clearly “how to effectively utilize so much chess material available these days in a limited time to grow in chess tournaments?’.
It also provides suggestions about ‘How to effectively use GM Igor Smirnov’s other courses?’ to become a GM or IM soon.
A set of 200 very instructive and annotated high-quality games have been provided as practical tasks to provide the student a full range of training.
Further, GM also provides a link to download his own set of one lakh computer games in the text of lesson 3, if you wish to study more games in your opening areas.
Overall, ‘Self Taught Grandmaster’ is a complete course for any chess player or coach who wishes to realize his dream of becoming a GM or IM himself or wishes the same for his/ her students.


Andreas Muegge (GER),
owner of the chess course
“The GM’s Openings Lab.”:

“It’s very tempting to study openings – who doesn’t want to get a good or winning position after a couple of moves? Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way and it’s not so obvious why. GM Igor Smirnov understands the dilemma and guides the chess student into the right direction
He shows how to learn the openings efficiently – any opening – and even better, he has prepared a complete opening repertoire, saving you a lot of time.
It contains no shortcuts or exotic variations, you will get a sound and honest repertoire that can be played up to master level and beyond.
I have used it in the last weeks and can say that it leads to exciting chess games. Does it make me a better player? Not without further work, but the focus is always on the basic principles of chess and I know clearly what to do in the middlegame where the real battle starts.”


Kenneth Hills (USA):

Great work Igor. I always look forward to your courses. Really loved the endgame course – have finished the video but not done the practical part yet but will.
You have actually made studying the endgame fun and interesting and can improve practical playing strength. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed and benefited from the material you produce. You present it so well.Going to University to study how to teach, as you have done, has proved really valuable. Thanks!
If I ever see you in a Pub, the first two rounds are on me!

“The Point Is That I Quickly Felt The Results.”

Goujon Antoine (France):

Dear Igor,
Thank you for you help. I appreciate it very much.
First of all, I want to tell you that I am very fond of your courses. I like very much the practical way you teach chess.
The point is that I quickly felt the results and I felt much more confortable about my thinking process. So thank you for this ! (but it’s also hard work….pratical parts are tough job!)
I already had nice victories thank to you and I obviously intend to buy your next courses.


Loic Grande (France):

Dear Igor,
Wow !! Simple and effective, that’a all we want !!
There is absolutely a ton of Chess Books, it’s a known fact : lots of texts, but not enough concrete things and not so practically.
Here in the Endgame Expert course, it deals with such simple and effective advice, that’s it must skyrocket your engamdes skills.
I think it’s really a great pleasure to follow the courses and do the practical part.
Igor Smirnov prove us that books are not essential, we just have to understand general ideas, and to become a Master.
Have a nice day.
Loic G.


Giulio Cremonese (Italy):

First, the more I study your Course, and the more I realize that your work is very very good and unique. There are several reasons that confirm it:
Speaking with other players (including expert), nobody has a so clear vision of how to think before a move. They have some good ideas and some not so good.
Your work is easy to understand and easy to memorize. Usually in other stuff I found a lot of strategic concepts. All of them are right, but they are too much to remember and TO APPLY during the game!
Your work is easy to understand and easy to memorize. Usually in other stuff I found a lot of strategic concepts. All of them are right, but they are too much to remember and TO APPLY during the game!
The focus is on improve our skills and not on memorizing thousands of tactical position. The study on chess demonstrated the reason of difference of strength between a GM and a amateur. The GM thinks less but better! So the amateur must improve his method of thinking move by move, and with your course we do that hundreds of times! That literarly “changes” our mind move by move.
I feel that every time I play a new game I am more confident in the mental process and I get better moves.
That is a subjective sensation, that’s right, but I never got a similar sensation.
Loic G.
Best regards.
Giulio Cremonese
Loic G.

“My Thanks To The Brilliant Author And Great Teacher! I am Delighted With Your’s Lessons.”

Pawel Panas, Poland::

First of all this course is really excellent.
I know from my practice that detecting weaknesses in my opponent’s position is relatively easy compared to finding the right way to attack them.
But Grandmaster Igor Smirnov shows exactly how to proceed in concrete situations on the board. Based on the concept of different types of centers he teaches us where to attack and how (you know: you need to attack to win
and I find his instruction to be the best that I’ve seen.
His lecture is clear, precise and very well structured.
And perhaps most importantly: chess course “Your Winning Plan” it is complete and easy system of thinking that can be practiced with practical part.
I think it’s great material for many hours of further training.
Loic G.
Best regards.I read once that ‘a good plan helps my pieces, a better plan helps my pieces and at the same time hinders the opponent’s pieces but the best plan of all meets the needs of the position’.
GM Smirnov shows what it means “the needs of the position” and does it very well.
My thanks to the brilliant author and great teacher! I am delighted with your’s lessons.n’.

“The Impact On The Quality Of My Play And Tournament Results Has Been Immediate.”

Kenneth Hills (USA):

Igor’s course ‘How to beat titled players’ is packed with valuable practical advice. Just like his two previous works ‘The Grandmaster’s Secrets’ and ‘The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory’, Igor Smirnov has a way of explaining complex ideas in an accessible way while introducing you to material that I have never seen elswhere.
Let me emphasize the course is very much focused on practical aspects of improving your chess. I cannot rate this material highly enough and recommend it without reservation. The impact on the quality of my play and tournament results has been immediate.
This latest course helps you understand how to go about beating stronger players and not just in an abstract way but, assuming you are willing to work hard at the course work he gives you, in a manner that improves your playing strength.

“He Is Showing A Live Demonstration
Of How An International Grand Master
Prepares An Opening…”

Richard Dumoulin (France), owner of the chess course “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory”.

“Well, what can I say? Not only is Igor giving excellent practical opening advice and material, revealing some chess champions methods etc… above all HE IS SHOWING A LIVE DEMONSTRATION of how an International Grand Master prepares an opening line with ChessBase!
Personally, I find this already worth the money and I have run the videos several times to make sure I have grasped all the details.
I was even surprised by the fact that an opening repertoire for White and Black was included as a bonus.
Igor is basically providing the “fish” and the “how to fish”!
What I also appreciate about the course is the honesty and the effort Igor has put in revealing his ideas and points of view.”

“A Revolutionary Change In My Middle Game”

Bidyut Bikash Handique (India):

it was a huge surprise for me, when I first time came across this course. I found a course for which, I had been looking for a long time.
This course is belonged to those players who are suffering from several drawbacks in their Middle game play, i.e, poor system of calculation, not finding the best move at the critical moment, always spending much time in making a crucial decision and lack of visualization.
After completing this course, I have increased my confidence level to such an extent, resulting 14th consecutive wins in playchess and increasing 160 point within 3 days there, which gave me a revolutionary change in my play and of course it was a dream for me at one time.
I have to agree that this course “Calculate Till Mate” is a gateway to those players like me who are suffering from middle game inconsistency.
Everything is clear to me now, and I can handle the middle game situation more comfortably than I did before studying this course. I appreciate GM Smirnov in this regard for not hesitating to reveal the secrets of calculation, the way GMs apply. I also promote this course to all my students without any hesitation. .
Bidyut Bikash Handique (FIDE Elo: 2117)
Chess Coach and player


Pedro Milet (Brazil),
owner of the chess course
“The GM’s Openings Lab.”

The middlegame positions were always GM positions where I couldn’t find any plans; I felt lost and the game felt dry. Worse: I wasn’t learning much from the games.
One year later, I stumbled upon Igor’s course: I was baffled by the simple yet effective advice Igor managed to pack in those lessons! I got that “a-ha!” feeling when I realized how wrongly I went about studying openings. For instance, before the master level, you shouldn’t learn openings that will beat other amateurs, you should learn openings that will bring positions that will strenghten your chess understanding!! Duh!!.
Then Igor sets out to teach you how to learn openings effectively and which openings are appropriate before and after master level. I must say I feel confident that I can now create a powerful opening repertoire that will finally bring the fun middlegame positions! And the ones that will actually teach me chess!”



Gyulia Mamedova (Azerbaijan),
owner of the chess course
“The GM’s Openings Laboratory”.

“I’ve started Igor Smirnov’s “Grandmaster’s opening laboratory” recently. I was sure I would have any results after I have finished it. But my chess skills are improving so fast that I decided to share my results for today with other chess funs.
Yes, I’m just a chess fun! The course is so easy to absorb that even beginners can use it without any difficulty. I.Smirnov leads you during the course, answers all the questions arising, explains everything in a very simple way.
I’m advancing step by step and believe in becoming more and more confident in chess by the end of the course.
My father was a professional chess player. He left me a lot of books on chess theory -from easy ones to very hard. I tried to learn them by myself but gave up many times. Why? Because I got lost in the information.
Now, after I. Smirnov’s recommendations the openings in the theory books are very clear to me to choose. I appreciate I.Smirnov for sharing the opening secrets with anybody who is really interested in chess. Learning chess with such a professional coach helps to improve the ability of thinking in advance, analyze the situation, build a good strategy and tactics to achieve it.
The only thing I regret is I lost so much time looking for such a course! So, I advise you not to waste time and start it.
I would like to finish with saying “There is no limit to what you can do, once you put your mind to it”. And chess is no exception.”


Konstantin Fedoseev (USA), owner of the chess course
“The Grandmaster’s secrets”:

“Igor Smirnov’s chess course: “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” offers a crystal clear approach to self-improvement on a practical level.
He explains, in easy to understand language, the necessary way of thinking that one must use throughout the Opening, Middlegame, and Endgame to achieve high-level results. Igor also explains many typical mistakes that beginners make when trying to study by themselves without a trainer.
I highly recommend this course to anyone above 1200 ELO and truly believe that it can take you to the FM level and beyond.”

“This Course Contains The Most Important
Riles And Ideas For Every Chess Player.”

TARRAF Tarraf (Lebanon),
owner of the chess course
“The Grandmaster’s secrets”:

“Hello,I am TARRAF Tarraf from Lebanon, 36 years old.
I started to play chess at 23. After reading many books and watching many chess videos, I didn’t achieve too much progress.
After watching the chess course “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” by GM Igor Smirnov I start to know better what is chess and how to think and how to play.This course contains the most important rules and ideas for every chess player. My performance get better so quickly.
GM Smirnov will guide you in this course and teach you how to begin and how to progress, with his own system from the beginning to the end.
After all, it’s a very recommendable chess course and I consider it very essential and a base for every chess player.”