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Before we begin, there are a few important updates.

News-1: An Open Vacancy

Remote Chess Academy is growing constantly, and thus we engage more people into our Team. We are currently recruiting a Community Manager. If you enjoy chess and communication, and if you are familiar with Social Media websites (Facebook, YouTube etc) – you may like to fill in this position.

If you might be interested in this work, please read the details here: LINK

News-2: Your debit cards are acceptable.

A lot of students were unable to purchase our courses because they don’t have a credit card or PayPal. They let me know that in some countries (like India) most people use debit cards.

Hence we enabled this option for you. From now on, you may purchase the complete courses of Remote Chess Academy with your debit card.

NOTE: the card must have Visa or Master Card logo on it. For details, please see LINK


There’s another bit of good news as well. Recently, one of the students of our Remote Chess Academy, who had a rating of 2090, after a few months of training started beating IMs and GMs (in official tournaments)!

He has prepared a few interesting positions from his games for you. You may check his experiences and adopt some useful ideas for your games.

Karthik V AP – Kathmale Sameer1 Karthik-KathmaleWhite’s Turn

How would you play here as White? At the end of this lesson you’ll find a link to solutions and will check yourself.

Some players will try to convince you that quick progress is possible only at beginner’s level. However, it’s not true. When you change the way you train/play chess – you’ll change your results automatically. It’s very straightforward and it works on any level.

Other people may think that it requires a “specific chess talent” but reality is different. Some chess schools of Russia, India, Croatia, Greece, USA etc… started to use RCA courses as their training program, and LOTS of students got a nice improvement.

Here’s what Karthik wrote about his progress.

Karthi with Mani  sir

Karhik V AP is on the right

I am Karthik V AP of Thirupathi, from India. I now have a FIDE rating of 2276, from just 2100 in the span of a few months; and I shared 1stplace, together with 3 Grand Masters, in an international GM tournament. I am very proud that I am being tutored by GM Igor Smirnov, through his accredited Indian representative, Mr Manikandaswamy of SMK Chess Academy situated at Vellore.

Openings Laboratory – 2’, helped me gain easy victories against strong and titled players by using RCA’s novel and pre-game preparations.

Through the course‘Calculate till Mate’, my calculating ability has changed completely, and it has opened my eyes to the vast vista of opportunities to develop the most interesting moves against tough opponents.And now (finally as of now), even strong engines like Houdini cannot find my move made in the game and my moves are now considered the best in-line continuation.

The course ‘An Endgame Expert’ has prompted me to think positively in very critical situations and allowed me to take control of the game and direct it as I prefer or wish to, for the desired results.

What Igor was saying is 100% true. I even had difficulties in the endgame. I always tried to “think, think and think harder” to find moves at that stage, which just made me frustrated and even I lost good endgames in the past. But now it’s like sliding on ice – I can make good moves easily and quickly, and now I can say that I am driving the game in the direction I want.

Hence, as well as commending my coach Manikandaswamy, I highly recommend this combination of courses (Openings Lab – 2 + Calculate Till Mate + An Endgame Expert) for serious and ambitious players who strive to achieve IM and GM titles.

Thanking you,

Karthik V AP.
FIDE profile:

  • Here are some other interesting positions from Karthik’s games.


Karthik – Sarkar

2 Karthik-SarkarBlack’s turn

This time you are playing Black. Can you find anything interesting?

Note: please try to solve all the positions, and then you’ll see the answer at the bottom of the lesson.

Mary Ann – Karthik3 Mary-Karthik

Black’s turn

Most players would play b4 or a6 unthinkingly. But we should think “outside the box”, right? 🙂

Mary Ann – Karthik4 Mary ann-Karthik

Black’s turn

This position is really cool. Both sides are attacking each other. Who will overcome the opponent in this tense battle?

Prasanna – Karthik5 Prasanna-Karthik

Black’s turn

White is threatening Nf5 and is ready to attack Black’s king. How would you handle this situation?

Karthik – Ahmed Nasir6 Karthik-Ahmed NasirWhite’s turn

Modern openings are weird, aren’t they? 🙂 Can you find the right way for White?

Once you’ve tested your skills in the above mentioned positions, please, check the SOLUTIONS here: LINK

P.S. If you enjoyed the puzzles prepared by Karthik for you, please, write your comments below.


Comments: 6

Comments 6

  1. Well done Karthik! It’s great to hear of your success with Igor’s helpful content. It’s also good to see these games and puzzles.

    I failed all of them ^_^

  2. Oh very sweet chess positions . Some of them I could solve them but two of them are very complicated . Those positions showed me the great development of Karthik because of using courses of GM Igor Smirnov!

  3. dear gm igor.. i know you that you know the thing i will ask you this time because you are a master degree in phsychology.. hehe..
    what can you say about “super concious mind capability” sir?? is this really true??
    one of the interviews of magnus carlsen he said “i dont know, i just woke up one day understanding all of the trainings i had.”
    what can you say about this sir?

    1. Hello,
      Igor Smirnov has a busy schedule but I will help you as much I can.
      I am personally not sure about super conscious mind capability.
      But Igor Smirnov has post about training and tier physiological aspects in the post How to Succeed in Chess.
      Please follow the link below for the post

      Prasaadh / Student support officer

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