Success Stories: Testimonials from RCA Students


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I’ve already mentioned about these top-recommended courses in my previous blog-post, and provided a description of the same and what you can learn from each of these courses, and most importantly, how the course will be USEFUL for YOU!

Today, I’d like to share with you some of the success stories of the RCA students, who have studied some of these courses and gave their feedback to us. I thought that these might help you trust the QUALITY of these courses, and also choose the right course for you. So let’s get started!

Note: I’ve trimmed some of these stories – you can read the complete feedback (and success stories of so many other RCA students) by clicking here or on the students’ pictures.
RCA student Jose Gascon


I study the course the GM Secrets and that’s incredible how GM Igor Smirnov explains the most important ideas. I began to use these ideas on tournaments and I quickly recover the money by winning open tournaments with a lot of adult players (and that’s not the best in June 2010!!). I placed second shared first with 7/9 and performance of 2300 in the National of Experts and Masters that were playing 3 IM , 3 FM and all the other players are National Masters and National Experts. I was one of the few players without a title and I won my first title at the age of 14 !! Recently I became the youngest International Master of my country by winning the Central American and Caribbean Junior Championship with 6,5/9 and performance of 2270. Appart in this tournament I won a 9 game GM Norm.


Success Story of José Gascón, International Master, after studying the course “GM’s Secrets

RCA student KarthikI am Karthik V AP of Thirupathi, from India. I am very proud that I am being tutored by GM Igor Smirnov, through his accredited Indian representative, Mr Manikandaswamy of SMK Chess Academy situated at Vellore. ‘GM’s Openings Laboratory – 2’, helped me gain easy victories against strong and titled players by using RCA’s novel and pre-game preparations. Through the course ‘Calculate till Mate’, my calculating ability has changed completely, and it has opened my eyes to the vast vista of opportunities to develop the most interesting moves against tough opponents.

Success Story of Karthik, after studying the course “GM’s Openings Lab-2” and “Calculate Till Mate

RCA student Suartana KadekThis course is just fantastic……..!!! It simplifies complicated theory, but yet provides powerful chess understanding. My son and I have gained significant progress in our playing level. Recently, my son was beating a senior player who might have been playing chess for more than 10 years… I highly recommend it to any player who is tired of studying hundreds of pointless theories. About 8 months ago I just started playing. Now I am around 1800, and moving up fast.

Success Story of Suartana Kadek, after studying the course “GM’s Positional Understanding

RCA student Sahapol NakvanichAfter listening to your course on “How to Beat Stronger Opponents” I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve and wants to beat titled player. It contains a lot of unique ideas, which are not presented in chess books. The course helped me look at the chess game from another angle. Now I know what the best style of playing is and how exactly I can win even against much stronger opponents. I have purchased all your courses and I found them really useful!


Success Story of Sahapol Nakvanich (Secretary Thailand Chess Association), after studying the course “How to Beat Stronger Opponents”, formerly named “How to Beat Titled Players”


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