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We’re on a rollercoaster last month (October) as we released two courses, “How to Find Positional Chess Sacrifices” by IM Asaf Givon, and “Attack and Win” which was prepared by myself. And then, we celebrated Halloween. But you know that we don’t stop there. Yes, we’ve got more!

We’re planning to create the next chess course for RCA, but this time we would like to get your opinion. We would like to what exactly you wish to learn and from which author. And that’s exactly why we’re taking a survey. It will be very helpful for us to know your thoughts.

The survey has only 3 questions and you can finish it in just a minute. After taking the survey, you will get the summary (PDF) of my video lesson “The Main Secret of Strong Chess Players“– as a thank you gift! 😊

Even though the goal of a chess game is to checkmate the opponent’s king, that is rarely the winning strategy in the games of strong players and top grandmasters. Rather, the strong players’ winning strategy is to go after the opponent’s pawns – they win a pawn and convert a seemingly equal position into a win. Sadly, many chess players do not understand this, and therefore, they are stuck in their ELO rating and make no real progress no matter how much they train and how hard they try.

Participate in the survey now!

Comments: 5

Comments 5

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