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It’s always extremely important and instructive to follow positional principles in chess. Below I’ve presented a number of chess puzzles. Please keep in mind that these puzzles aren’t like usual tactical puzzles, and so you should not look for a killing/tactical blow. Instead, you need to understand that the position might offer several reasonable options.

These puzzles are for anyone, even you are a rookie or a pro, and you might give them a try. After all, when you’re playing a serious chess game, you’ll need to deal with the game’s complexity whether you like it or not.

Anyway, the real goal of this article is to understand the position and, only then, look for moves that cater to the position’s needs. These puzzles have notes, so make sure you take a look at them since those are often the key to improvement.

Puzzle – 1

Don’t expect to find any tactical combinations here. This is a normal position after the opening. White has better potential, but how would you continue here?

Puzzle – 2

Who stands better? Try to find the best continuation for Black

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Puzzle – 3

Are you going to play something aggressive or rather defensive? Do you know what Black’s positional threat is? What would you do here as White?

Puzzle – 4

Can you find a move that decreases Black’s activity?

Puzzle – 5

It is White’s turn now and only one pawn has been exchanged. White has a good control over the d-file, and looks slightly better. How would you play here as White?

Puzzle – 6

 The position looks equal and White has an isolated pawn on d4. How would you proceed as Black?

Puzzle – 7

Here is another position, where we can see an isolated pawn on d4. Can you find a plan to exploit this weakness of White?

You can find the complete games of all these puzzles below:

P.S. How many positions did you get right? Please, comment below which your favorite game from these was. 🙂
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