Test your tactical skills

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Tactics is a very important element in a chess game. You should always keep your tactical vision sharp in order not to miss winning opportunities. Apart from your opportunities you should be very careful in order to avoid your opponent’s tricks.

That’s why today I’m glad to share with you some interesting tactical puzzles. Please take this training seriously and see if you can solve them. 🙂


Exercise – 1

Exercise – 2


Exercise – 3

This is a study. White can win in a lot of different ways. However, in this particular position, White can deliver checkmate in 2 moves. Can you find it? 🙂

Exercise – 4

The position looks complicated, but Black has a forcing way to win material. Can you find it?

Exercise – 5

White can win material in a forcing way. Can you find the solution?

After calculating all possible variations, you can check the answers below or downloading the PGN here.

What’s your score? How many puzzles did you solve correctly? Feel free to comment your score below.

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Comments: 6