The Art of Exchange Sacrifice by GM Milov

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There are some things in chess that are very hard to learn on your own, for example positional understanding and an endgame play. It’s a lot easier to develop such skills while communicating with an expert player (who mastered those skills already).

Vadim Milov is exactly this type of a chess expert. In my teens I’ve been replaying his games to understand how he outplays strong GMs.


Milov (rated 2705 at peak) is the TOP-level player, who defeated V. Anand, J. Polgar, V. Korchnoi – just to name a few 🙂


Today GM Milov prepared a video lesson The Art of Exchange Sacrificefor you. Pay attention on how Vadim evaluates positions and pawn structures. This reveals to you how top GMs find proper moves during their games.

[youtube_sc url=”vn3S594RMyw”]


Comments: 3

Comments 3

  1. I’ve had a phone chat with Milov yesterday. He’s a nice person and is excited about the webinar.
    Vadim takes it very seriously, he even wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the video lesson presented above 🙂 He seems to be preparing something more terrific for the webinar. Now I’m intrigued to see it!

  2. Signed in for this webinar as well.. We always believe in the coaching you recommend for us Smirnov sir 😀 .. And you are keeping up it by providing excellent materials to us continuously. Very curious about online platform. I have no idea how its going to be.But I am sure its going to be a huge success 😀 Let you update it soon . Keep it up sir 😀

    1. Thanks for your appreciation!
      I am and our whole team of RCA are working hard to create the best chess lessons for you. Your encouraging words motivates us to stay on track. Thank you!

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