The Kasparov Gambit: amazing win against Karpov in WC 1985

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Today we’re going to look at one of the greatest chess games of all time, from the World Championship Match 1985 between two of the greatest chess players, Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov.

After 48 games had been played in the Karpov-Kasparov World Championship Match 1984, the event was cancelled while it was still in progress. The FIDE president stated that the match had “exhausted the physical, if not the psychological resources, of not only the participants but all those connected with the match…” No winner was declared, so Anatoly Karpov retained the title. That’s how a new World Championship Match began in 1985 between the two great players.
garry kasparov vs anatoly karpov wc 1985Garry Kasparov won the WC 1985 with a final score 13-11 and became the 13th world chess champion!. It’s the 16th game, where Kasparov was playing Black. He took the lead after winning what can be called a truly fantastic piece of chess game.

The Sicilian defense was played and there was a controversial gambit early in the opening, which was later coined “The Kasparov Gambit”. Kasparov achieved a dynamic composition for the pawn later in the game, resulting in very passive pieces for Karpov. Black’s knight tied down almost all the pieces of White at one point of the game.

Our guest coach CM Tryfon Gavriel has prepared an instructive video lesson for you, sharing his thoughts with you. You can watch the video below:

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Comments: 13

Comments 13

  1. kasprovand karpov are the two greatest players of all the time and they are just genius if you see the documentary movies and grandmster video magazine you will see that there is lot going on behind the scenes professional team doctor pressure physcologist.etc.very tough fight.

      1. yeah i have watched all live grandmaster vidoe magazines and learned a lot from them and also movie kasprov vs karpov two kings for the crown was an brilliant movie .great.karpov hates kasprov.hahahahhaha joke??igor

      2. dear sir plese invite mr fm sebastian fell and im christopher richards on rca to make lessons they are oustanding coaches .thankyou in advance.

      3. dear igor sir i recently started to study your new course magnus carlsen course prepared by david medimaa i think that it has not attracted a lot of buyers because the video lesson is small lenght 1st thing is very advance david is not giving explanation of everymove he highlighted the technique of carlsen but not commenting on statergy as marco makaj does.

          1. dear sir i have a friend named s dhananjay he is from bhilai chattisgarh he is 17 years old he has reached a rating of 2252 fide and 2400 performance he has won a no of international events here in india and played with im sahaj grover and drew with him he progresses very fast please tell mei what is the reason for this fast improvement.???

  2. Hey Igor I’m studying your winning plan course and in the task 8 first game khismatullin kuderinov, white played Nc2. Nc2 seems strange and breaks the principles from your Grandmaster’s positional understanding and Gm secrets courses: breaks principle of maximum activity, breaks principle of least active piece. You said it’s good that white avoids trade of pieces because of space advantage but at the same time in positional understanding course you said we should focus on base principles first of all: that’s why Be3 move(breaks principle of maximum activity but because of tactics: defending the d4 knight which is under pressure of Nc6 and Bg7) came to my mind first and computer likes it the most. also Be3 continues realization of main opening tasks which you also said are very important
    What do you think?

    1. Hi Lovro,

      Well, you are right. Nc2 makes sense and it’s a fine move, but Be3 is the best move. You may notice that later in this game he moved the knight back to d4 anyway.

      It’s good that you understand the principles so well!

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