The necessary factor of your chess progress

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In this issue I would like to discuss an important aspect of chess, which can determine one’s success or failure in a game. I believe strongly that this will have a great impact on your chess development.

I am referring to OBJECTIVITY. Maybe you think to yourself, “Come on, what is so great about playing objectivity?”

Let me explain. Chess players often wonder “why can’t I make any progress?” Let’s think about this question. It has great practical value.

First, progress inherently is change. So it follows: if you are getting better, it means that you are changing. So if you want to make progress, you should be ready to make changes in yourself and the way you think about the game.

This seems obvious, however you should ask yourself: “Am I REALLY ready for change?” Am I ready to change my opening repertoire? Am I ready to change my playing style? What about my thinking habits?

If you honestly answer “Yes!”, then there is a good chance you have what it takes to succeed in chess!

Let’s go forward. The next logical question is: “what exactly should you change?” Of course you should change your weaknesses. You will work on them and it will bring you the progress you desire.

This brings us to the last question: “How to begin this process?”

Here is the answer: you should admit your mistakes. Everyone understands this in general. However, we don’t do it really, because it hurts. Though it can be unpleasant, it is the only way to make real progress.

Now it is time for you to ask yourself “Am I really objective? I know that you will all answer “YES!” 🙂  This is the first indicator of partiality! 🙂


I have prepared a little test of your chess skills. Here is the position:

It is white’s turn now.

Your task is to find the best move in the position. I am ready to give you 5 attempts 🙂 You may think about the position as long as you need. Please, select 5 candidate-moves, which are good in your opinion. Certainly you may not use computer assistance. Test yourself!


In the next blog post I will give you the 2nd part of this issue. Of course you will get the answer to this task. Also we will discuss some concrete examples of objectivity and partiality in chess.

Comments: 1575

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