The necessary factor of your progress – 3


Last time I gave you a little task. Were you able to find the right move there?

White played 2.Ra1!! It is unbelievable, but it is really the best move!

Here is this game in *.pgn and in text format with commentaries:

You can use any chess program to open such *.pgn file. If you have no chess programs at all, you may use a special Pgn reader program (it calls “Compochess”. You can download it for free here:


Please, don’t worry if you haven’t found this move. I gave this position to many GMs and no one found the right decision.

Actually, it illustrates one of my favourite topics. I mean the topic of “extra skills”. Nowadays there are a lot of players on intermediate level. They know all the chess basics and don’t make simple mistakes. That’s why today it is not enough just “to develop pieces, to occupy weak squares, to compose a plan” and realize other well-known motifs.

You need to be able to do something, what your opponents can’t do. You need to know something, what your opponents don’t know.


Please, think about it. Take a piece of paper and write down your “extra skills” (number 1 is …, number 2 is … and so on). The size of your list will show you clearly your chances for a win against strong opponents.

If you want to get the most effective extra-skills and be able to beat stronger opponents, I recommend you the course “How to Beat Titled Players”:

When you start applying its recommendations, you will play a lot of beautiful games, will enjoy your creativity and of course will start beating strong players!


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