The Power of a Chess Game

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When I have a conversation with a stranger, usually the first questions he/she asks are:


 What’s your name? > Where are you from? > What’s your profession?

Up to this moment, the conversation has been going seamlessly. However, after I say that my profession relates to chess, the interlocutor often takes a pause to think.. 🙂


During the following chat, he/she asks about a chess game and why people play this game. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience. Hence I’ve decided to write a short article about it.

So, why do people play chess? What’s the useful effect of this game?

BrainTraining-300x2251.    It trains your brain.


While physical exercises improve your body, chess, as an intellectual sport, sharpens your mind.


Some time ago I saw statistics about the hobbies of the richest people on the planet. Chess was in 4th place on this list.

Also, chess helps you cultivate your champion psychology. Of course, there are lots of other kinds of sport, but they carry a serious risk of trauma.


Maybe this is the reason why even famous boxers enjoy playing chess.


BBC News Magazine provided this photo and wrote: “The former world heavyweight champion, Lennox Lewis, is now more likely to be seen hunched over the chess board than in the boxing ring.”


That’s why chess is  great training tool FOR KIDS. Children can train to acquire lots of useful skills without any risk.


FOR MATURE PEOPLE, chess helps slow down ageing and keep them in good shape.


2.    Chess can be a pleasant pastime or a job.

3590039-575452-two-old-men-playing-chess-in-the-park-2One may enjoy playing chess in one’s spare time. For others, chess may become a nice job, where you get paid for your hobby!


Unfortunately, lots of people have to take a job they dislike completely (just to make a living). That said, it’s really great if you can get money from something you enjoy and believe in. I’m happy to be in this situation 🙂


In addition to that, chess does not have any real restrictions in terms of requirements. Almost everyone can play it. You don’t need to visit a special training hall or to buy expensive equipment. People can play chess starting from 4 years old and without any top age limit.


Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, one can study chess effectively from any place on the planet. This is especially important for people from developing countries and for the areas without “chess infrastructure” (clubs, teachers, etc.).


3.    Chess can support your traveling around the world.


Even during my schoolboy era, I visited so many countries (while playing in tournaments) that my international passport was completely filled with visas.


These days I still enjoy traveling. It’s easy to do so because I have students or other chess friends in almost every country 🙂

Last (in this article) but not least:


4.    Chess helps you meet good friends and intelligent people.


Thanks to chess, I’ve met a lot of very nice and interesting people from various countries.

Recently I got married.


The very first time I met my future wife was… at the age of 9, in a local chess tournament for kids 🙂

Of course, there are lots of other advantages to playing chess. But I don’t want to make this article endless, so let’s finish at this point.


Now, if someone asks you about chess, you may resend this article to him/her 🙂

So let’s test your skills in a position from the recent game between two top GMs.

Radjabov T. – Karjakin S.Radjabov-KarjakinBlack’s turn

Black’s position is critical. Can you find the way to escape?

After you’ve came up with your solution, check the actual game here: LINK

P.S. As you may have noticed, I wasn’t very active these last few weeks. In April, I got married and have been on our honeymoon trip to Sri Lanka. Now I’ve come back and will bombard you with new chess lessons! 🙂

In order to let you have some fun, I’ll share a few photos from my recent trip.

Grandmaster's Secrets

Comments: 167

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  1. Congrats Maestro! By the way i’m a musician (classical music) and all of the above also apply to my profession. I play chess as a hobby, mostly in the breaks with my russian colleagues and your lessons are helping me to not loose all the time! All the best and keep up the good work!

    1. I pray almighty to make your married life very happy ,healthy and purposeful ..With blessings from a 75 year old chess fan.

  2. Congratulations !!!!!

    vladimir klichko from ukraine the world heavyweight champion , he is also a chess fan 🙂

    1. I hope Kramnik is a good boxer , of course he’d to be because the aftergame would be very dangerous for him.( Unless he let Klitchko win : this guy doesn’t seem to be so gentle) .

      Otherwise chessgame provides very interesting with pupils at school , I mean with those who lack from self confidence .
      I’m a maths teacher and I tested once some pupils by learning them Chess .
      All of them took a great interest and I noticed how , little by little some of them were so proud to solve a mate in one , eventhough it was an easy one . This was the beginning of success . Their opinion about themselves moved and of course , it changed relationships between all pupils :
      Chessplayers’ motto is : Gens Una Sumus , isn’t it .

  3. Hi Igor,
    May you have much success in starting your own family/chess set.
    The King and Queen on the chessboard have 8 kids(pawns)? or do the two knights, two bishops and two rooks. Total 14. Also count?
    Don’t stress! We’ll let you get away with one king and/or one queen (future).

  4. You’re so lucky to be able to make a living from chess. I wish I could! But I am in a situation where at least I am earning a living from something I love doing, so I can relate to that 🙂

    Keep up the good work and congrats on tying the knot 🙂

  5. congrats gm igor.. i guess your future son/daughter would be really lucky having a gm dad.. hehe.. i wish i had a family that play chess.. 🙂

    1. you still remember me gm igor?? i posted this..

      hehe.. i have improved a lot.. its been a year since i started getting serious at chess.. studied your courses and now i was taken as a varsity player at our school.. hehe.. its not decided yet what board placement.. but i’ll keep you posted.. thanks a lot for helping amateur players who trains alone.. ^_^

  6. Congratulations on your wedding, Sir Igor, I wish and pray a happy married life for you.Your future children will be very lucky to have a handsome dad and the best chess teacher in the world. More power to you !.

  7. an interesting topic, and I think those reasons for playing are the same as mine – i watch a lot less television these days since starting to play chess last year, and I am sure that has to be a good thing! Many congratulations to you on getting married, wishing you every happiness!

  8. The World is beauty and the wedding is one of the best beauties! I wish you many happy year at positional and tactical family life!!

  9. Congratulations GM Igor, I am so happy to hear for your wedding and wish all the best you and your wife. Thanks a lot for publishing for us such a wonderful lesson and for sharing your trip nice pictures.

  10. my teacher ,Congratulations on the marriage, , and we wish you happy life,,,,, my teacher, why I no longer get messages from you on my email???

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your warm wishes for Igor.
      I am sorry that you did not get direct messages from Igor Smirnov but he has a rather busy schedule.

      So we would appreciate you posting on our blog or contacting our support department if you have any problem by following the link below.
      [email protected]

      Prasaadh | Student Support Officer

  11. Congratulations……..REALLY happy to know about the good
    news….Mr Smirnov, congrats again….Best wishes to you…!!!

    Now, about some bad news regarding me that encircles this article. I’ve completed (only submission of the final thesis is pending) my MA in ELT (English Language Teaching) and as a part-timer I wanted to work in RCA as an Editor. Besides, I wanted to buy all the complete courses on RCA website one by one, as I don’t have that much money so that I can buy all the courses altogether.

    For both the purposes, I need to have a PayPal account which is not available in my country (Bangladesh). Moreover, I don’t have any credit/debit card that I can buy the courses Online. Nevertheless, I tried bank transfer from Bangladesh to Latvian account of RCA (as per suggestions from Student Support Officer of RCA). But here in my country, bank transfer to Latvia is not allowed. That is why, I feel unfortunate.

    Anyway, I still feel so happy as because one way or another I am connected with RCA. THNX…!!! 😀

    1. Hi Shaihan Ghani,
      Thank you for your lovely wishes to Igor.
      We are glad that you wanted to be a Editor in RCA.
      You can apply for an Editor post by following the link below and we will consider your request.

      It is unfortunate that in Bangladesh PayPal is not available.
      As an alternative you can ask you friend or relative make the payment for you.
      Please see the below FAQ on how to purchase courses via your relatives or friends.

      Prasaadh | Student Support Officer

  12. sir igor, i have a question sir.. i am now training with your course self-taught gm.. im now still on the +300 spurt automating the ‘attack’ topic.. but i stopped training for a while because i will have a local tournament tomorrow.. i have nothing to do so i watched your lessons.. and you said in “highschool” block that we should develop our style by analyzing the games of your chess hero.. but sir what if you are my chess hero?? how can i analyze your games (in the future) if you have only 45 games on the database of hehe.. i really like your teachings so i want to follow your style..hehe.. ^_^

    1. Hi Ezra,

      Igor has a busy schedule, but I’ll try to help you as much as I can.
      45 games is a fair amount of games to get a feeling about his style and help you develop yours. Secondly, let’s not rule out the possibility of him playing more chess games in the future 🙂
      Hope you have a great tournament!

      Manuel / Student Support Officer

  13. Hi Erza!

    First of all, let me congratulate you with your chess improvement!

    As for your question, you may find quite a lot of my games in the course “The Grandmaster’s Secrets”.

    Actually I’ve played a lot of tournament games, not sure why you can only find 45 on that website. Taking your question into account, I’ll consider publishing more of my games 🙂

    Good luck in your tournament!

    1. haha.. thank you so much sir.. but that will be in the future.. im still on the first block.. hehe.. i’ll keep you posted.. ^_^

  14. Hi. I was trying to communicate with support team but i was unsuccessful so i am trying it from here. Some time ago i bought the self taught gm but i can’t open it now because the program say that the codes do not work anymore. How can i fix the problem?

    1. Hi Alandas,
      I am sorry that you could not contact the support department.
      Please use the below address to contact us
      [email protected]

      About your problem i have sent the solution to your e-mail ID.

      Prasaadh / Student Support Officer

  15. I am about 2100 Elo
    My thinking process
    In opening: to achieve good places of my pieces and castel the king put my queen in good place and connect my rooks
    then suggest the plan and sub plan according to the point of power and weakness and center type and positional and strategic ideas in the position and according to the best square for each piece and search for some tactical apelites , ….. , do the same for suggesting oppenent planes
    finaly: according to shasheen algorezm endicate if the position is attack or defensive or manuevers

    in the middle :
    I start im my plan

    for each move : I choose my move according to
    1- what openent need and what he wants to play and my apilites to reply
    2- my needs according to my plan
    3- where is the lest active piece and where it’s best sqaure
    4- do not forget ( to take is a mistake, often)

    form time to time I must check my plan and correct it

    In the endgame I play as positional motieves and strategic ones and checked all tactical apilities to acheive queening my pawns or check mates or winning a material.

    my opening reportiore is solid somehow and I checked many lines with engine at 23 ply, but I not complete all my opening reportiore ,

    my end studies is not bad but still not finished all types (I finished pawns pieces – I am studing rook ending now – still not study queen ending —– form “Theory and practice of chees endings”, A. Panchenko”

    I have no money for pay for chess trainer, or online courses to achieve advantage in chess

    I am 50 years old, I am civil engineering, I have about two hours a day for study or playing chess.
    I live in a country where chess championships is too rare, and I have no mony for travel for chess tournaments , only 45 games per year I can play

    I ask your advice for how to achieve advantage im my chess ?

  16. I think this:
    Black should check the King with e2+; if White takes f5 then Black can check rook on 8th line, so White must take the rook and Black gets stale; otherwise, if White moves the king in direction of the free pawn to support it, then Black gets perpetual checks (till White remains up/equal to the 5th row); if White’s king goes on 4th row then Black must put the rook on B column to regain control of the pawn to be promoted, and so on

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