The Right Thinking in Chess – my seminar in Chennai

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I’m very happy to let you know that my seminar in Chennai is confirmed. It will take place on Sunday, 18 October.


I invite you to attend this event and am sure that you will learn a lot and that we will have a lot of fun during the day. This will be a one-day event – it will start at 09:00 in the morning and run till 18:00 IST (check timings here).


It will consist of three parts:


  • an interactive lecture where I will be sharing with you some highly important material about chess that will help you boost your chess progress, and I will clear your questions and doubts.
  • simultaneous play (without clocks)
  • photo session for the participants; prize distribution to the simul winners


The simul is limited to 50 participants. Unlike the seminar in Vellore, participants will play against me individually (no teams). In other words, it will be a standard simul. The lecture is limited to 150 participants.
gm igor smirnov live seminarAdditionally, tickets for the lecture and for the simul will be sold separately. Each ticket costs Rs.300 ($5). Thus, if a person wants to attend both the lecture and the simul, he/she should buy the two corresponding tickets, and the overall price (both lecture and simul) will be Rs.600 ($10).



  • for the simul, only the first 50 registrants can play against me.
  • for the lecture, only the first 150 registrants will be able to attend.

designThe topic of my lecture in Chennai will be “The Right Thinking in Chess“. There are thousands of chess tutorials out there. Then why isn’t everyone a strong chess player yet? There are two main reasons/obstacles.


There’s a huge difference between knowledge and a skill. Let me bring up an analogy: you can read thousands of books about martial arts, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll become a great fighter. Apart from information, you need to train and acquire necessary practical skills. This is true for chess just as much.
chess algorithm


You may know a lot of chess rules, tactical motifs, strategic concepts, openings, etc. However, in a real game you need to make a move within a few minutes (sometimes in a few seconds). Hence, in order to play well, you need to have a crystal-clear structure for all your chess knowledge. Also, you need to develop the right algorithm of thinking while playing a chess game.





If you have studied my previous courses, you may understand what I’m talking about quite easily. During the seminar, we’ll enlarge your knowledge and train the required skills.


During the seminar, “The Right Thinking in Chess”, you’ll be able to:


  • Get clarity on how to play chess.
  • Systematize your existing chess knowledge, so that you can use your full chess potential.
  • Train the right system of thinking under my guidance and supervision.
  • Ask your questions and seek clarification about any doubts you may have.

Finally, if you would really like to have a whole day of fun and learning with me and with other chess fans, you can register for my seminar right now. 🙂

Note: the venue is not confirmed yet. I’ll publish the details once they are confirmed. But you can already reserve your seat now.

gm igor smirnov live seminar

<<Get your ticket now>>

P.S. If you have any doubts, you can check the FAQ section about the seminar here.
Comments: 2

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