Game Festival – top 3 games of RCA students

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Recently, I made the announcement that I’ll be conducting my webinar “Play like Nakamura” on Saturday, 30 May at 3 p.m. GMT (check GMT timings here: LINK). As usual, the seats are limited to 100 students only. Therefore, if you wish to attend the webinar, please join now: LINK


<<Join the webinar now>>



Additionally, I thought of making you feel active before my webinar. 🙂 In order to prepare YOU for the webinar, I’ve published a video lesson for you.


In this video, I’ve annotated the games of the top-3 winners of the recent RCA Game Festival (LINK). As I mentioned already, the top-3 winners’ games will be commented as a prize. 🙂

I’d like to let you know that I was happy to annotate these games. Moreover, these games are NOT played by any top grandmaster but by ordinary chess players – just like YOU. Therefore, you can definitely learn a lot of ideas from these games of the RCA students and can implement the same in YOUR games as well!


You can watch the video below:

 [youtube_sc url=”″]

Once again, let me congratulate all the winners and participants. Also, I’ve something to share with you – if you would like to improve your game even more and play like top GMs, don’t forget to join my webinar “Play like Nakamura” on 30 May. Find more details about the webinar and join now: LINK.

Comments: 2

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