Summary of the Top-3 RCA Lessons in 2017


Today I’d like to provide you with something special – a PDF that contains the summary of the Top-3 RCA lessons in 2017! 🙂
top 3 chess lessons summaryBut before that, I need your help with something important. During the beginning of this month, on the New Year Day, we released our new course “Converting Your Advantage into a Full Point”. We chose this topic of converting advantages because of YOU –many of the RCA students (you) asked for a course on this topic in our last survey.

Almost all of our courses were created in such manner because we always put your learning in the first place. We’ve been giving you the courses you asked for –“Crushing the King” about attacking in chess, “From Opening to Middlegame”, “Practical Endgames” for mastering practical endgames; and also the courses about two of the world’s best chess players, Magnus Carlsen and Bobby Fischer, and how to play like them.

It’s now time for us to ask YOUR opinion on what you want to learn from the next RCA course! 🙂 For that reason, we request you to take a survey we’ve prepared. Please, feel free to share your thoughts with us. We’ll do our best to fulfill everyone’s needs. The survey has only 5 simple questions and you can finish them in about a couple of minutes.

As a thank you for participation, we will give away something special –yes, as I said in the beginning of this article, you will get a PDF that contains the summary of the Top-3 RCA lessons in 2017 in return!RCA survey

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