Top-5 most impressive encounters between Carlsen and Karjakin
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Top-5 most impressive encounters between Carlsen and Karjakin

Top-5 most impressive encounters between Carlsen and Karjakin

First, I’ve a big announcement for you – we’ll be hosting the World Chess Championship 2016 games LIVE on the RCA website! 🙂 Therefore, you can watch the live games there, see the current score (and find out who is leading), and look at the commented games.
World Championship Carlsen vs Karjakin LIVE

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Don’t forget to bookmark that page – and just go to it when you want to watch a live game. 🙂
designThe World Chess Championship 2016 between the champion Magnus Carlsen and the challenger Sergey Karjakin starts tomorrow (Fri. 11 November) in New York. And today, I’ve selected the top five most impressive chess games played between these two players.


We’ll go through some really amazing games and see who has the better prospects in their upcoming match. You can watch the video lesson below:


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You can download the PGNs of the games here.



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World Chess Championship Carlsen vs Karjakin

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P.S. Finally, who do you think will win: Carlsen or Karjakin? Vote now here, and you can see the poll results here.




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