Top 7 Most Shocking Blunders And Giveaway Winners

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First, I would like to inform you that the RCA YouTube Giveaway – a Giveaway contest which was conducted to celebrate the milestone achievement of getting more than 50K subscribers to the RCA YouTube Channel – has successfully ended, and the winners were chosen.
thank youAs we have mentioned before the start of the Giveaway, the winners were picked completely randomly. Congratulations if you have won! 😊 Didn’t You win? No problem, I have something special for you as well.

The Giveaway video has about 250 comments – and I would like to thank all of you for participating in the contest. Therefore, I’m providing you all with a massive $35 USD gift voucher! 😊 Simply, use the code “50k” while purchasing any course form our shop. If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here. This voucher will be valid only till Tuesday, 8 October.
gift voucher

Pick your favourite RCA course now!

In addition to that, I have one more ‘gift’ for you – I have prepared a new video lesson for you. The title of the lesson is “Top 7 Most Shocking Blunders in History”! Do you want to check them out? Enjoy watching the video lesson below:

Download the PGN of all these games – click here!

PS I would also like to inform you that our Team has improved our website to browse in mobiles. Please let us know what you think about the improved mobile experience. Your feedback is important to us! 🙂

PPS How did you like the Giveaway contest? Did you happen to read any interesting comment(s) from other participants? Please let us know in the comments below along with your impression on the 7 most shocking blunders. Thanks!

Comments: 12

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