Top three amazing chess sacrifices (by GM Smirnov)

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Finally, I’d like to thank you all for wishing me well on my birthday; therefore, I’ve prepared a gift for you. Yes, today we’ll have a look at the three most amazing chess sacrifices that I played! 🙂 I’ve played thousands of chess games and from these, today, I’ve selected three which I think will be interesting for you to observe.


In this video, you’ll be able to enjoy some really beautiful chess combinations and a few typical tactical patterns that you’ll be able to apply later on in YOUR own games.


You can watch the video lesson below:


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P.S. Did you enjoy watching my sacrifices – what do you think about them? 🙂 Feel free to write in the comments below.

The Grandmaster’s Secrets

Comments: 16

Comments 16

  1. Dearest Igor, It is always be a pleasure to see you demonstrating games in such a simple and interesting way thst easily be installed in sogtware system of our brain and comes out aiyomatically while playing. Thanks for these nice iluustrated games. Warm regards manish tiwari

  2. That last game was awesome. It’s amazing how in three moves the position went from “It’s blocked, Black looks fine,” to “Oh no, Black is completely busted!”

    1. dear igor sir the vidoe is just superb i want to ask one thing do you ever heard of zuzuwang chess academy in bangalore and praveen sagar whose is coach there??i contacted him tomorrow and he gave mei nice suggestions and he is charging 500rs per hour.what are your thoughts about this academy??

      1. Hi Ayush,

        Unfourtunately, I am not aware of this chess academy. I would recommend that you ask some local chess friends in India and near Bangalore.

        Prasaadh | Support Officer

        1. dear sir the academy started by divyang barthi in 2012 in bangalore i search in internet but the trainiers had no official fide ratings they have online blitz bullet rapid rating i didnot have any firneds in bangalore could you please tell mei about this academy when you had time thankyou.??? they had coaching exprieriece of 10+ years but i had having a doubt.

          1. Hi Ayush,
            I am sorry. I am unaware of this academy. If the coaches do not have official rating you will have to inquire more about this before deciding to join.

            Prasaadh | Support Officer

          2. okk sir the coaches have fide official rating but they are low and divyang barthi has no official rating it is not showing thankyou.their online rating are above 2200+could you please suggest mei difference between fide standard and online rating

          3. Hi Ayush,
            FIDE rating is achieved by playing in FIDE rated over the board tournaments.

            Online rating are given by playing on chess sites like or chess24. It is difficult to give a comparison of online and FIDE rating.
            If you are looking for a coach I would recommend to take the FIDE rating into consideration and not the online rating.

            Prasaadh | Support Officer

  3. Hello! Igor, I bought your course Opening Preparation 2 and it’s one of the most fantastic courses that you have ever created! You are explaining how to easily UNDERSTAND openings rather than know lot of pointless theory, and what is the best, is that your ideas are very easy to understand and easy to be implemented in practice. Thank you so much! 🙂
    Nevertheless, I still have one question. In the lesson 2 of the course, you showed one game in the sicilian defense where black went with his queen on b6, then on b2, and you said that we may sacrifice one pawn for 2 tempi. My question is, why did white in that game try to start an attack with f5 before finishing the opening tasks, which is what you emphasize in that course to be important? That’s one of the problems I face too. When my opponent ignores development, should I start attack immediately like white did in that game, or should I still first finish the realization of the opening tasks and only then start an attack?
    Thanks in advance for your answer and thanks once again for excellent course! 🙂


  4. Hi Igor! Today I played a standard time control(90+30) game and I experienced an annoying loss out of a completely won game. Could you please help me and give me some tips, because I feel like that I have that one same weakness all the time, but I can’t quite recognize it well enough nor can I correct it. If you could do that for me, to just give me some tips what should I focus on and what should I do(because I really don’t know what to do, how to solve my weakness(es)), I would be really thankful. Here’s the PGN with my commentary of my thought process during the game(I tried to apply your thinking system as much as possible 😉 ), I was playing white:

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 Bg4 4. dxe5 Bxf3

    5. Qxf3 dxe5 6. Bc4 Nf6 7. Qb3 Be7 8. Bxf7+{So far, all moves are obvious and also, well known.} Kf8

    9. Nc3{I considered taking the b6 pawn, but I was already a pawn up with black’s king exposed, so I prefered developemnt} b6 10. Bg5{I played this move simply according to principles of least active piece and max activity(as you told me to do so), but suprisingly, computer suggest the move Be3 instead, and claim Bg5 to be innacuracy} Nfd7 11. Bh5{threatening mate} g6 12. Bxe7+{Bh6+ is the best move, and it’s an obvious move, however I was afraid that maybe the bishop gets trapped or something, and there is no concrete tactics so I just took(I still don’t know why I didnt go Bh6+)} Qxe7

    13. Nd5{attack} Qd6 14. Bf3{Here I was discussing about Bg4 and Bf3, I saw that Bg4 follows principle of max activity so I really wanted to play it, but then again, the strong intuiton didn’t let me do so, and I wanted to be more solid, defend the e4 pawn. However, white has, instead of retreating the bishop, a simple Rd1! But I would have never make that move and just hang my bishop, it would be impossible for me to calculate all the lines there, and what’s even more strange, is that Rd1 is for some reason better than 0-0-0! } Nc5 15. Qe3{eyeing h6} Kg7 16. O-O-O{I felt really happy for this opportunity, getting my king safe, and the rook on open d-line lining against the queen} Qc6

    17. h4{I didn’t even think about this move too long, it was just obvious that I had to start an attack there} h6 18. h5{I knew he’d go g5, but I was that I will get the f5 square} g5 19. Ne7{computers say it’s innacuracy, but i followed the principle of an attack with a specific reason that the knight will come to f5} Qe6 20. Nf5+ Kh7

    21. Kb1{Computers dont like this, in my opinion, very natural move, but rather prefer b4, which i considered but thought it’s too weakening} Nc6 22. Rd2{time to finally bring the h1 rook in the game} a5 23. c3{Bg4 is prefered by engines, but I have that kind of rock-solid inner intuitive will to ALWAYS be super super solid and without risk} a4 24. Rhd1{least active piece} Rhd8

    25. g4{not very liked by computers, but again, I want to be very solid and risk-free, so i wanted to secure the knight and if that knight was ever captured, then the I would have a protected passed f5 pawn} Rxd2 26. Rxd2 a3 27. b3{b4 is suggested by engines, but it’s so unnatural to weaken yourself like that. Also I calculated that knight sacrifice on b3 is bad, because after my king comes to a1, there is no clear follow up for black} Nxb3 28. axb3 Qxb3+

    29. Ka1 a2 30. Rd1{However, I started defending badly. Rd7 is suggested by engines, which I looked at during the game, but I thought: “Well there’s no follow up+there could be threaths to my king, so again and again, let’s be super solid risk-free”} Na5 31. Qd3{This was a huge blunder, after which I’m lost because I can’t take ther d8 rook after 31.Rd8 as after Qxc3+ I am getting mated. But I thought:”okay it’s been like 3 hours of hard and hard thinking, i guess Rd8 isn’t dangerous, I assume my king will somehow eventually escape…”And the reality is: It’d be mate in 3. My opponent wasn’t strong at all, and that’s why I fell really badly and dissapointed, because I lost to a very weak player.} Kh8 32. Be2{I saw nothing forcing, so I thought that I should stop Nc4, however Be2 was horrible} Qa3{Now I saw no defense except Qd8+, and so I played it in hopes of some miracle perpetual check, which of course didn’t happen and I ended up resigning a bit later on.

    Now, I really hope you can give me some advice on what I should do to improve, because the weaknesses from this game happen in EVERY game of mine, especially long time control, and that’s why I can’t improve when it comes to practical play… Or at least, I improve very slowly. Thanks A LOT in advance for your time, I will really appreciate your answer :)}

    1. Hi Lovro
      Major fault in this game: you let your B on f3 inactive for 15 moves.
      So you have not absorbed the basic principle yet.
      Don’t worry it just takes some time, with proper training.

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