Transition from the opening to the middlegame

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One of the biggest problems many chess players face is that they often fail to realize the transition that occurs between the opening and middlegame stage and end up playing ‘automatic’ moves during this stage. As a result, they get punished for their moves without real purpose.

The task in the opening stage is simple – to develop the pieces. However, things get more complicated when the middlegame stage arrives. You could get confused; you wouldn’t know how to make a plan, or what the right piece to exchange, and so on.

How to overcome this?

Do not worry, as we’re here to guide you to achieve a smooth transition from the opening stage to the middlegame stage. I’m very happy to inform you that our new course “From opening to middlegame” will be released soon. 🙂

Additionally, in the practical part, you can find 100 commented games which can help you understand the ideas better from the theoretical lessons and this will get you going.

The author of this course is none other than our guest coach, the very experienced chess teacher and International Master Asaf Givon.  In this course, he will explain to you a lot of key ideas which you can put into practice immediately.
From opening to middlegameAsaf’s explanations are simple and can be very effective in your games. You can learn from his techniques and your play will get better and rational. After the study of this course, you will have the ability to make the right plans, exchange pieces the right way and create weakness like a very strong player!

P.S. Please, stay tuned for a few more days – I’ll provide you with more information. I also have a surprise for you. 🙂

Comments: 8

Comments 8

  1. Hi Honorable GM Smirnov. I have – and gone thru at least twice – winning the middle game, the grandmaster’s secrets, the grandmaster’s positional understanding, winning plan, grandmasters opening lab 1 and 2 and gms opening lab 2 bonus pack. These battery of courses have improved my chess game tremendously, to the point that I think I will reach/surpass 2000 soon from around 1800 currently. Your system is so simple and automatic that I’ve picked it up like a sponge. My game follows your principles all the time. What additional jewels doe this new course contain?

    1. Hi Johnny,

      Firstly, it’s awesome that you’ve studied materials more than once. That’s the exact reason why the system is now “simple and automatic” for you. Well done!

      Reaching 2000 rating is a nice milestone. For sure now you have good prospects to make it happen.
      On a side note, I know some players who try to achieve ‘chess rating equal to the year of birth’, but it’s somewhat wierd 🙂

      The new course is focused on opening to middlegame transition – the troublesome stage to the majority of players. My earlier courses were more comprehensive and didn’t focus on this phase of the game. Asaf (the author of videos) doesn’t talk about ‘principles’ (explained in my other courses), but I think it’s beneficial for you – because you can learn something new. To conclude, it’s not a must have course (like “GM’s Secrets”) but it would certainly help you to progress further.

    2. congrats jonny for your progress and sucess in achieving the rating of 2000 but there is lot to learn more and apply more.

  2. Hi George here from Scotland love to do your chess course but don’t have are PC just have are Samsung Galaxy phone can you help thanks George

  3. dear igor this is a great news sir thanklyou so much for the updates you provide daily on chess blog and asaf givon is great chess coach.this would be a fantastic course.god bless you sir.

  4. Hi Igor. I am impressed by the feedback you are getting from many different clients on each of your product pages, even the free products and for that reason I will give your products a try.

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