WARNING This Tricky Puzzle Was Used to SCAM Chess Players!
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This Tricky Chess Puzzle Was Used to Scam Chess Players!

This Tricky Chess Puzzle Was Used to Scam Chess Players!

Today I’d like to share with you an interesting and tricky chess puzzle that was used to scam chess players in the olden days.

While nowadays most chess players have the liberty to play with anyone around the world online, back in the day it was really common for people to play chess in cafes, chess clubs, or parks. Even the world’s top players would visit these cafes sometimes to play friendly games or play chess for money.

And there were also these scammers who were tricking chess players with some special and tricky chess puzzles that they knew. They would offer a puzzle challenge for which you would win some money if you solve it right or lose some money if you don’t solve it correctly.

Here is one such puzzle and your task is to determine the outcome of this puzzle – whether White is winning, or is it a draw, or is Black winning.

You can find the PGN of this puzzle below:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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