The Trompowski Attack – Typical Ideas for White

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The Trompowski Attack is a chess opening that begins with the following moves: 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5, in which White tries to attack and challenge the Black’s kingside by usually exchanging the bishop for Black’s f6-knight.

Black has several ways to respond and the most common responses are 2…e6 and 2…Ne4. There are also other responses like 2…c5 and 2…d5. Many grandmasters play this opening at the top level – it was played by the World Champion Magnus Carlsen against Sergey Karjakin in the first game of the 2016 World Chess Championship.

Today our guest coach IM Valeri Lilov will explain to you the basic ideas for White in this interesting opening with some practical examples. You can watch the video lesson below:

You can find the PGNs of the games explained in the video below:

Conclusions – basic ideas

1) White’s major goal is the quick attack against the Black’s center and the kingside.
2) Development is a key requirement for a successful attack for White.
3) Playing for initiative is done through essential pawn moves like d5, f3 and even e4!

you may also like IM Valeri Lilov’s course “Converting Your Advantage into a Full Point”.

P.S. Do you play (or have you played) this opening as White? Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comments below. Or, if you have played against this opening, you’re welcome to share it too. 🙂
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Comments: 33

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    1. The Trompowski attack has been one of my favourite weapon with white for’s very agresive and we can avoid to study a lot theory from other openings.

  1. Hello Igor,I have studied positional understanding chapter 1 oagain . I have confusion regarding principle of material factor when to use it and when not to ?

  2. I have two more question Igor,ques1). Do you thing knowing lot of patterns for middlegame stage helps you play better middlegame .do you like to suggest anything regarding the same . Ques2).Can you straight plan to improve calculations skills I can’t calculate more than 4 moves how to work on it ?

    1. 1) Knowing more patterns is really useful. For example, if you know a simple checkmating pattern you do not need to calculate and play the moves much faster. It is also true for complex patterns.
      Studying strong chess players games and classic chess games will help you to implement the patterns and idea that the strong players implemented in your chess game.

      2) GM Igor has a dedicated course on Calculation. It is called “Calculate Till Mate” (

      Here is a free article on Calculation and Evaluation. That will answer your question.

      Prasaadh | Support

          1. sir here in vizag and south there are really stronger player who are rated 1185 but plays like 1900 or 2000 what do you think aoubt chess is chennai and tamilnadu??

          2. True, it might be difficult to raise your rating when your opponents are underrated. At the same time, stronger opponents are great for training your skills and becoming a better player.

            In any case, it’s possible to progress and raise your rating if proper training is applied. Check out the story of a guy you may know – Ram S. Krishnan:

          3. yess sir you are completely right i definetely agree with you but i also fear to play them in the tournament that is why i cant gave my best in last round thanks alot for your reply.

  3. Still this remain unanswered. I want to know more about attacking positional understanding ,Igor is suggesting to play Attacking moves in world champions game only when it forces opponent to move his pieces back Please make it clear.When to use it Attacking moves and when not to ?

    1. In the GM Positional Understanding, Igor says that “Attacking moves increase your activity and decrease opponent’s activity”. Whenever the above condition is possible you should attack.

      Igor dwelled into great detail about “activity” in the GM Positional Understanding course.

      When attacking you should ask this question “How can I move my pieces forward on an opponent’s territory and take or attack something?”

      Prasaadh | Support

    1. Hi Anup,
      Thanks for your interest. We have an exciting announcement next month. Keep a close eye on the blog posts for the announcement.

      Prasaadh | Support

  4. Hii Igor Smirnov. Recently I have played 2-3 tournaments where my opponent tried not main opening lines and it has confused me .But still I have try to play main particular opening moves as a result I got inferior position . Can you please tell how to cure this problem . From my point of view ,I should think according to position that arising and should find good moves using thinking system when opponent is trying to change something in opening .is it right way or you want to recommend anything else ?

    1. Hi Ding,

      Basically, you are right. Here are a few additional clarifications:
      1. If your opponent deviates from the main opening line, you should not keep making your ‘usual’ moves. Evalate the given position and play accordingly.
      2. Following the general principles is always a good idea. At the same time, you may take into account the ideas from this free lesson:

      Best of luck!

  5. ThanQ you Igor for the Answer. I have last Question regarding opening stage . I am planning to use principle of least active piece and intuition move till I complete my opening tasks (tasks which you provided in GM secrets)for opening stage. Is it a good plan to avoid any creativity by using other principles and just rely on least active piecee and intuition moves. Will it worse my position ? And use a proper a thinking system for Middlegame stage

    1. Yes, GM Igor also suggests “Principle of maximum activity” as well which is covered in lesson 1 of GM Secrets.
      So you should develop the least active piece to the most active possible square. If you do not make tactical mistakes then you will not have a worse position in the opening.

      Prasaadh | Support

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