Upgrade your “Thinking System”!


Today we have some really great news – one of our top-selling (and cheapest) products “My Thinking System”, a premium video, has now been upgraded! 🙂
new and improved What’s new?


Previously, this premium video only had a video element. Now we have made the following updates to it:


  • An e-book – a text version of the complete video lesson
  • Practical part – games and positions that will help you to DIGEST the ideas well.


And guess what! The price of this product remains the same – just $17 USD! 🙂


If you have already studied this premium video and would like to get the new version, please contact our Support Team and get the updated version completely FREE!


If you have not studied this premium video yet, I know what you might be thinking …


Why should I study/buy this premium video?
whyWell, I have a list of answers to your question. 🙂


  • I recommend to my students to start with this premium video from among our paid products, as it contains high-quality information about the chess thinking process at a cheaper price. You can find more information about this topic here.
  • If you cannot afford to buy our paid courses, then “My Thinking System” will suit you best. You will spend only $17 but get a high-quality video lesson.
  • In this video, you will learn the need to have a well-developed system of thinking. It will be UNIVERSAL and help you detect the best move in any kind of position.
  • This video lesson has received a 5/5 rating from our students (as you can see in the product page).
  • Moreover, a former world number 5 player, GM Jaan Ehlvest, has written a detailed review of this product (and also my teaching methods, in general). You can find it here.


I’ve said it all and you have to make the final decision now. I’m sure you will find this premium video very instructive and useful. 🙂
Thinking System in Chess

<<Get it now>>


P.S. If you have already studied this video lesson, please write your feedback and thoughts about it in the comments below, guys! It will really help others and I’ll appreciate it. 🙂

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