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Firstly, I wish you and your loved one a very happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂 Have a joyful day and have fun.

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A few months ago, I made the announcement that I would write a new book on “Psychology in Chess”, as I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from you on this topic.

Therefore, I’m very happy to announce that the book will be released this month and it will be named Champion Psychology. 🙂 Moreover, I’d like to share with you the cover image of the book; you can see it below:

Also, I thank everyone who has sent me their questions related to this topic. I’ve considered them all and answered them in my book.

I’ll let you know more details of the book in coming days, so stay tuned and catch our updates!


Today, I’ve prepared a nice lesson for you. Although it is mainly for beginner-level players, any chess player at any level can study the lesson, recollect the basic ideas and refresh their mind. So let’s get started. 🙂

Chess is intellectual warfare. Here, though strategy plays a primary role, tactics almost always finish the game.

For instance, I remember a famous quote that says:

“Chess is 99% tactics”. – Rudolph Teichmann


Generally, in a game, players always think about what to do and how to do it. “What to do?” is answered by strategy and “How to do it?” is answered by tactics. A good tactical move can even turn the tables. Tactics can be classified into many themes.

  • Pin
  • Skewer
  • Fork
  • Discovered attack
  • Double attack

Today, we’ll study the theme “Pin”.



Now the Black queen is pinned by the rook. Black cannot move the queen because the king would be in check. This is an example of how the rook pins the queen on a file.



Now the rook on d4 is pinned diagonally by the White queen.



Here the White knight is pinned by the Black rook on the 1st rank.

Conclusion: any piece can be pinned, either diagonally or on a rank or file.

  • queen has the power of both the rook and the bishop, so it can pin diagonally, rank and file.
  • bishop pins diagonally and
  • rook pins on the rank and file.
The defensive power of a pinned piece is but imaginary”. – Nimzowitsch


Exercise-1: Level – Easy


Black to play

Exercise-2: Level – Medium


Black to play

Exercise-3: Level – Hard


White to play

After calculating all possible variations, you can check the answers and download them here: LINK

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Comments: 3

Comments 3

  1. The power of the cross-pin comes to front in the medium and hard problem. I like exercise 3 as there’s a bit of imagination in it – White precisely combines mate threats with winning material, first the bishop and then getting the black king into the corner winning the queen using the same idea. If my visualization is correct I already solved the tasks.

    But even more exciting is the first book from GM Smirnov about chess psychology – I may have to add this to my list of all-time favorite books soon as it’s published officially. I’m thinking it will surpass all chess psychology book of Krogius, Benko and Stewart. It will be memorable to see GM Igor’s signature in the book signed with a magic pen.

  2. Awesome news about the book. I’m impressed you could put it together so quickly. I honestly wasn’t expecting it until the summer at the earliest. Nerves and nervousness are big detriments to my chess performance, as I sometimes literally start shaking as the pressure mounts. Here’s hoping I can learn something valuable to perhaps counter that!

    1. Lots of chess players suffer from nervousness and psychological pressure. However, most of them aren’t willing to confess this fact. Therefore, each of them thinks it’s his own unique problem 🙂

      That’s the reason I decided to write the book “Champion psychology”. In fact, 90% of the book is based on the questions I’ve received from the students.

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