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9 Proven Ways to Earn Money with Chess | Chessboard to Checkbook

9 Proven Ways to Earn Money with Chess | Chessboard to Checkbook

In the diverse world of chess, the game’s depth and intricacy can lead to not just mental enrichment but also financial gain. Here are 9 avenues to consider if you’re looking to convert your chess expertise into income.

Playing Chess Tournaments: The Classic Route to Chess Wealth

Chess tournaments—local, national, or international—offer significant cash prizes for winners. For the skilled and dedicated player, this can be a viable source of income. The stakes rise with the level of the tournament, making the journey to grandmaster status a potentially profitable endeavor.

Chess Coaching: Sharing Your Wisdom

For those who have mastered the game, imparting that knowledge to others can be a rewarding experience—both personally and financially. With options ranging from personal coaching to online lessons, this path can offer flexible and consistent earnings.

Creating Chess Content on YouTube: Engage, Entertain, Educate

Whether it’s crafting instructional videos or presenting fascinating game analyses, YouTube can be an extraordinary platform for monetizing your chess knowledge while growing an engaging community.

Chess Merchandising: Capitalizing on Chess Hype!

From ornate chess sets to themed apparel, chess merchandising can be surprisingly lucrative. Establishing an e-commerce store can be the first move towards a successful venture.

Affiliate Marketing: Chess Products that Sell

Affiliate marketing – promoting chess-related products on your blog or YouTube channel – can be a powerful method to earn passive income, with commission accruing from each sale made via your referral.

Chess Software Development: Coding Your Way to Chess Riches

Chess and technology have been partners in progress for decades. If you can speak the language of computers as well as you can decipher the enigma of the en passant, you’ve got a winning combination.

Chess Product Sales and Marketing: Selling the Chess Dream

In the realm of chess, a universe of products extends far beyond the traditional game board. For the business-minded chess enthusiast, this presents a vibrant market waiting to be tapped, ripe with potential and brimming with customers from every corner of the globe.

Chess Apps: The Mobile Frontier

The demand for interactive, user-friendly chess apps is ever-growing. Developing a chess app that offers unique features and superior functionality can be a monumental financial checkmate.

Chess Databases and Analysis Tools: Empowering Players

Creating a comprehensive chess database or a powerful analysis tool not only contributes to the global chess community but can also pave the way to substantial earnings.


If your chess passion feels more like a calling than a hobby, consider these avenues to capitalize on your skills.

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