Webinar in Defense

Live Webinar “Webinar in Defense”

By IM Valeri Lilov

Event: Webinar in Defense
Host: IM Valeri Lilov
Date: Saturday, 18 July at 10 a.m. New York time
Duration: 90 minutes.
Seats: limited to 100.

Standard ticket only = $10

*Registration will close 2 hours before the webinar begins.


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Webinar in Defense


In recent times, many students have asked me for lessons about defense. Therefore, I thought I should provide you with what you have asked for. 🙂


There are different defensive scenarios. It is one thing to defend a solid position from dubious attacks, but having to fight back in an inferior position is much harder and more difficult task.



Normally, when you have a good position, you need to put an end to your opponent’s attack, wake up, and counter-attack. But, when your position is worse, you usually play defensive moves, as you’ll not have even a second to ‘breathe’.

The important thing you need to remember is that defense is an essential part of chess, just like attack. You need to get rid of the myth that defensive moves are passive moves.

Defense is just an interesting opportunity for you, where you’ll even get the chance to improve your positional play.

One of the great chess players, Tigran Petrosian, said:

“Yes, perhaps I like defending more than attacking, but who has demonstrated that defense is a less risky and dangerous occupation than attack? And are there so few games that have found their way into the treasury of chess thanks to a virtuoso defense?”

There are lots of things you can learn about defense:

  • How to find proper defensive moves?
  • How to play against attackers?
  • How to avoid blunders when defending a position?
  • And much more

That’s why we’ve invited our guest coach, IM Valeri Lilov, to conduct a webinar for you on this topic.

About the host

Lilov has got a special name here in RCA – he’s the students’ favorite coach. 🙂

Below, you can find some details about him:

  • International Master

  • Professional chess trainer

  • His peak rating is 2443

  • He has won a number of major international chess tournaments

  • Won the European U-10 Individual School Chess Championship

  • And much more

P.S. Please note that seats are limited to 100 students.If you wish to participate – please register NOW.