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Last February, I encouraged you to send me your questions about tactics and calculation. YES, I’ve examined each and every question very carefully! I’ve been developing a new INFO-PACKED course about these topics for 3 months…

And here’s the good news: It’s almost READY!

If things go as smoothly as I expected, the NEW course will be ready next week (around 14-20 of May)!

And for my regular students: nice goodies and special offers are waiting for you. So don’t forget to check your e-mail’s inbox REGULARLY. You don’t want to miss any of it. 🙂

I’m sure you are wondering what’s inside the course. 🙂

In a nutshell, it’s a 3-in-1 course: calculation, tactics and visualization combined into one neat package. These 3 aspects of chess are too closely connected and combining them the way I did will give you a WELL-rounded training in all 3 aspects.

Let’s have a more detailed look into it:

The 1st COMPLETE System Of Chess Calculation In Chess History

Yes, this sounds like crap loads of hype. But, in fact, nobody offered something new since the times of Kotov. Of course there are many books that offer a bunch of advice and tips, but they will rather confuse you. Why? Simple, it’s because these books don’t have a system to combine the rules and principles into a cohesive and understandable WHOLE.

You need a complete and easy-to-use SYSTEM, which you can apply in every game. And that’s EXACTLY what you will get in this course.

The 1st COMPLETE System For Combinative Play

True, there are tons of tactical books, puzzles, and databases out there. Unfortunately, they bring little progress and eat a lot of your valuable time.

My approach is different. I don’t just toss in thousands of tactical exercises. I want to give you the FULL understanding of chess tactics:

–> What is a combination?
–> When and why they happen?
–> When do they work well?
–> How do you introduce combinations in your usual play?
–> And so on…

In my previous courses I provided such comprehensive programs for mastering strategy and developing a DEEP overall understanding for chess. This time around, you’ll master TACTICS.

A Special Program For Developing Your Visualization Skills

I don’t know why, but nobody explains HOW to visualize variations CLEARLY. Yet it’s such an important skill!

After all, how many times have you lost and how many combinations have you discarded because you’re not able to clearly evaluate the resulting position?

In my NEW course, I’ll show you the RIGHT methods for developing this VERY ESSENTIAL skill. You’ll train them with my help and you will feel very confident in facing even the most complicated positions.


Here’s a ‘taste’ of what’s waiting inside. In the course we’ll analyze the following position, and you’ll learn how to find the solution easily. For now, you can try testing your current calculation and visualization skills:

It’s Black’s turn. What will be the result of game?

After you’ve made all the necessary calculations, download the solution, and check it yourself: LINK


P.S. Since the course is 3 in 1 – I’ll triple the usual price..heh-he 🙂 . But if you want to get special conditions, don’t miss the following e-mails. I’ll keep you informed.

Comments: 1061

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  1. I think by not having your courses downloadable to Mac you’re losing a lot of potential customers. I, for one, would love to start buying your chess material. You’re an incredible teacher and I’ve learned a lot just from your postings on You Tube.

    Any date when you think you might be making your instruction available on Apple computers? I’ve asked this question several times and never have gotten a direct answer.

    1. First, thanks for the compliments 🙂 Unfortunately, I can’t state the exact date (when courses be working on Mac). In the meanwhile Benoitf5’s recommendation looks nice.

  2. hey GM igor , when I look my gmail and see a new mail from u it make me always so happy big smile, really really thanyou so much for anything 🙂 take care

    1. Yes, we’re working on that. The process goes slowly, because currently I’m busy with making a new course. Once it’s done, the translation will go faster 🙂

  3. Thanks very much for our teacher GM Igor Smirnov, and With all the appreciation for the effort done by our skillful teacher, but we hope we regular students a reasonable price reduced so that we can buy it as quickly as possible!! PLEASE..

  4. Hi!
    I already purchased GM’s Secrets Task 5 – 8 , which consist of Calculations and tactics mainly.
    I’m wondering if this course will be any different.

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