What can you learn from our course “Crushing the King”?

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crushing the king

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If you’re still not sure whether or not to buy this course, I’d like to share some information with you.


Become a great attacker

If you solve a lot of tactical puzzles, you will be able to find combinations during the game, but in tactical puzzles you do already have a superior position and you just need to deliver the final blow. But in real game you are not sure HOW to create such a position. This course will help you to achieve this.


Attack from the opening

An attacking player will strive to create an attacking position and relevant elements from the opening they play. You should be able to create the advantages needed to ensure the attack is successful. Learn the concept of ‘Friends elements’ and how they can help you to deliver the crushing king attacks.


The hotspot concept
chess hotspotIn this ‘Hotspot’ concept, I’ve united many rules and ideas about the attack. The simple concept summarizes all the attacking plans and the typical ideas discussed in the course, and helps you to apply the same in your own practical games.


Powerful Practical tasks

It is necessary to put the received knowledge into practice. There are 7 practical tasks (over 100 games) in this course which will help you to understand and remember the ideas of the course better. The training program has a detailed explanation on what and exactly how you should do the practical tasks.

Finally, I’d like to lighten up this post with an amazing puzzle from the course “Crushing the King”.

It’s a middlegame position and the material is equal. How would you play here as Black? Can you find the best away to attack White? I’ll give you a hint: this example comes under the chapter “Forcing moves” from the course. After calculating all possible variations, feel free to write your answer in the comments below.

Find it interesting? 🙂 Do you want to play like that and demolish your opponents? Hurry up, grab the course with the 20% discount – remember, the offer expires today!

P.S. Guys, if you already started studying the course, please let me know your feedback – you may write your thoughts in the comments below, I’ll be glad to read them!

Comments: 12

Comments 12

  1. Ofcourse, the solution is Rxf2 exploiting backrank weakness. you have covered such ideas in Calc. till mate! But your price is prohibitive…

    1. True, the price is high. However, based on your comment, the course did bring very good result to you!

      There are a lot of superficial lessons in the Internet. Even though they are cheap, in fact they do not bring any progress to you. It’s a kind of “penny wise and pound foolish” deal 🙂

      1. well the igor all course price is high accroding to india not accroding to russia eewootoa ok and you cant find a systematic method of chess education otherthan remote chess academy till you engage a high price private coach.thanks to igor smirnov.dear igor what to do you think about maxim dlugy crash course ??

        1. 1) A strong private coach would normally charge 20-50usd per hour. And it will take months of training to achieve any noticeable improvement. You may calculate yourself how much it will cost you.
          In my courses I provide a system that you can use to organise your effective self-training. In fact, it’s very economical solution.

          2) I’ve recorded a course together with GM Dlugy some time ago: https://chess-teacher.com/shop/chess-courses/unlocking-the-grandmasters-mind/
          GM Dlugy is a good blitz player, but I’m not sure if his coaching skills are that great.

          1. yes igor sir you are completely right evgeny ermolaev a russain im is taking 25 dollar for 2 hrs.thanks for replying this one gm maxim dlugy is great coach as well for ims too and advanced players.

      2. Yes, it is true Igor! The fundamental 4 or 5 courses like Calc till Mate, GM pos.Understanding, Endgame Expert and winning plan helped me very much. But personally I cant invest more money on Chess…Youngsters will benefit from your new courses!!!

  2. Hi Igor. I’m studying your course “endgame expert”. It’s really awesome! I like your systemized way of explaining how endgame works and also the practical tips. Now I begin to understand how was Capablanca able to win so many games out of equal endgames :D. Question: you said that attacker may advance his pawns in an endgame, but defender shouldn’t, so as to not create weaknesses. Now, if an endgame is equal, how can we determine who is attacking side and who is defending side and thus, may we advance our pawns or not when we trade into an equal endgame?

    1. Hi Lovro,

      Good to know you enjoyed the course!

      You can determine a superior side based on its greater activity (and other positional factors). Thus, it’s an attacking side.
      At times, an endgame is totally equal. Then both sides may advance the pawns but should do it accurately.

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