What can you learn from our chess course "Defending Champion"?

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In my previous article, I wrote that we’ll be launching a new chess course called “Defending Champion” soon. The authors of this course are FM Marko Makaj (our guest coach) and myself (Igor Smirnov). Also, we gave a little preview (video lesson) for the course, if you missed it, you can find it here.


Today I’d like to share with you a few more details of the course and how it will help you master the art of defense! 🙂 First, you can find the cover image of the course below:
Defending Champion

Who can study the course?


The course is suitable for beginners and intermediate level players, but it will be helpful for advanced level players, too. Even if your ELO is 1900+ (or even 2000+), this course will help you improve your defending skills and you’ll learn some new things. Therefore, anyone can study this course.


Why “defense” is important?


Defense is a very important chess skill. At least in about 50% of a chess game, we need to defend. In some games, we play with Black pieces and White makes the first move, and for that reason, White has the opportunity to start the attack/initiative.

Defending ChampionIn some other occasions, one will make a mistake and he or she is forced to defend. Thus, defense is as important as attack. After all, that’s how Sergey Karjakin manged to survive some of the early games of the recent World Championship against Magnus Carlsen. 🙂


What can you learn from the course?


If you carefully study the course, then you will be able to defend correctly against all level of players. You will learn a lot of new ideas and at the end of the course, you’re provided with the right way of thinking. We’ll give you a complete system which you can apply, for sure, after the study of the course.


Course contents


  • No. of video lessons – 15
  • No. of practical parts – 9
  • Course duration – 305 minutes
  • There are almost 100 analyzed games in the practical part


P.S. Stay tuned, guys, for we’ll release the course soon! 🙂
Comments: 21

Comments 21

    1. Hi Phil,
      GM Igor has a busy schedule.
      It does not have an opening repertoire but it contains information about various aspects and positions where defense is needed.

      Prasaadh | Support Officer

    1. it was a vidoe but that is the full course of defense with some extraordinary techniques that top gms used in theri games.dont compare that vidoe with such powerful course.

    2. The Art of Defense was a webinar conducted by IM Valeri Lilov. It was a brief explanation about the art of defense. Defending Champion is a comprehensive course created by GM Igor along with FM Marko Makaj.

      Prasaadh | Support Officer

      1. dear igor ,this is an article from ginger gm danny gormally he writes the following=Unfortunately I was unable to play in the London Chess
        Classic this year. That’s because even though the grandmasters were
        offered £1250 to play in the FIDE open, you don’t get this money until
        after the event.

        The way the fee structure is set up is that the £1250 is there as a
        guarantee against your prize. So therefore if you end up winning say
        £800 in the FIDE open, you don’t win anymore than the £1250 in any case.
        And as I didn’t have the money to afford to pay for a hotel in london
        for ten days, I had to withdraw. dear sir please tell mei what are the issues behind that why he is saying like that.??even he is an grandmaster.?? i know this is the question outside of chess but let mei know.thankyou.

      2. This is the very imp. issue for the players and myself also which are going to become gm in their lives they hope for comfortable and joyful life.please answer this.asap.

        1. Hi Ayush,
          I am sorry that GM Igor could not answer due to his busy schedule.
          It is a problem in chess. Due to lesser tournament prize moneys even GM’s can’t make enough money by playing tournaments to make a living. Hopefully this will change if chess increases in popularity and viewership.

          Prasaadh | Support Manager

          1. dear sir but almost all of the gms over the world are playing chess and earning lots of money and supergms like anand and topalov get more cash prize and they are very rich i only see the problem with gm danny gormally.??sir please talk to mei in details.

          2. dear sir with respect to india gm are getting money in lakhs and even in crores and i saw that even igor teaching of one hour is 10000 rs and to my eyes gms are very rich people so why gormally is saying that ??plesae talk to mei in this issue because i aslo want to become gm and i want a outstanding life out of this.

          3. Hi Ayush,
            GM Danny has written about difficulty in playing certain tournament. But he may still get some money from playing other tournaments and coaching. As many of them will tell if you are learning chess for making money then it may not be a wise choice.

            Prasaadh | Support Officer

          4. okk sir thanyou so much for this wonderful response it cleared all my doubts thankyou so much for help and support.

  1. Hi Igor, I’m excited about the new defense course. Have you ever thought about making a course specifically for evaluating positions? Kasparov and other GMs have stated the value of proper evaluation before actually calculating. I think that you kind of touch on the subject in a couple of your courses. You even have a blog post dedicated to positional evaluation but you never gave a specific method of evaluation in that blog post. It would be nice to see you put together a course specifically dedicated to positional evaluation (a method of evaluation). Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thank you for the suggestion! The new course ‘touches the subject’ too, but the primary focus is different. I’ll consider ‘evaluation’ as an eventual topic for a new course.

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  2. Hi Igor! Can you play online chess and record and comment on it? It’d be fun to see you in action and you could also then use that opportunity to explain and demonstrate how your courses work in practice, and what the typical mistakes and others. It wouldn’t only be very fun and entertaining, but also very instructive.

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