What do RCA students say?

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First I’d like to remind you of the RCA Facebook “Like and Comment” contest we’re conducting on our RCA Facebook page. The contest rules are very simple. All you need to do is:

1) ‘Like’ and ‘comment’ on the Contest Post
2)  Send us a private message (to our RCA Facebook page)
3) And, get “GM Smirnov’s Bundle” for FREE!

Note: if you don’t know how to send us a private message on Facebook, you’re welcome to check the FAQ here.

The last day for you to participate in this contest is Tuesday, 23 May – so don’t miss this great opportunity!

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Some of my students, while commenting on the contest post, have shared their feedback with us. I was glad to read them and I’d like to share the same with you. 🙂
rca student feedback

About my courses “Calculate Till Mate” and “GM’s Positional Understanding


rca student feedback About my courses “GM’s Secrets” and “My Thinking System”, and my book “Champion Psychology

rca student feedback

About my course “Winning the Middlegame

rca student feedback

About my courses “GM’s Secrets” and “Self-taught Grandmaster


rca student feedback About “GM’s Positional Understanding

rca student feedbackThank you very much for warm words – I’m very happy that my courses really help you make progress in chess! 🙂 Also, these are just to share a few – there are more than two hundred comments on the contest post.

If you haven’t shared your feedback yet, you’re welcome to do so – simply ‘Like’ and comment on the Contest Post, send us a private message and get “GM Smirnov Bundle” (worth $39 USD) for FREE! 🙂

Comments: 3

Comments 3

  1. thanks dear igor sir you are great!!!!!!my best wishes are with you.god bless you dear sir please make a webinar on how to play like kramnik or how to play like ivanchuk!!!

  2. hi
    i wish that you can allow a space under the video for subtitle
    so you make a subtitle file in plain english so it can be translated and Reachs as many as possible

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