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What Makes a Strong Chess Player?

What Makes a Strong Chess Player?

Everyone wants to improve their game and become a strong chess player. So, here’s the question – what makes a strong chess player?

What Is a Strong Chess Player?

A strong chess player is someone who really understands the game of chess. These are the players who don’t make random moves. Their moves always conform to a thoughtful analysis of the position. Their chosen move has been strategically and tactically calculated. And their results are consistent with the strength of play.

Amateur Chess Players (What Separates Them from Strong Players)

Quite the contrary, an amateur player (even if they’ve already studied the game of chess) doesn’t have a trained system of thinking. The game among amateurs is erratic. They jump from one move to another without clear strategical purposes. Their moves are chosen almost randomly. Most of their games are resolved by silly mistakes.

strong vs weak chess players

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