New survey and important discussion about chess openings

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In my previous article, I wrote that something ‘cool’ related to openings was coming soon. And today, I’d like to reveal to you what this ‘mystery is.

A new opening course will be released in the very near future. 🙂 The opening (on which the course is about) is a solid and positionally sound opening. It can be used both against weaker opponents (whose positional understanding is lacking) and against strong rivals (because it gives you a very solid position).

That’s all I can say for now, so stay tuned to know more details on this! 🙂
designSecond, talking about opening courses, we’re planning to improve ourselves with regard to our courses related to openings. Therefore, we’d like to know your thoughts and suggestions about this.

We want to know YOUR opinion about our existing opening courses and your requests for our future opening courses. Therefore, it will be very helpful for us if you can participate in a short survey. Moreover, for doing so you’ll get a nice present – the summary of the mini-course “Chess Training Plan for Rapid Improvement”. 🙂


Note: if you would like to study the complete mini-course, please click here: LINK


<<Take part in the survey>>

designFinally, I thought that having a live and engaging discussion about this topic (opening course) would be really good.

So here is the topic: what should the best chess opening course contain?

thinkTo make this discussion even more ‘engaging’, I’ve posted this topic on our Facebook page (LINK) (and the post will be pinned to the top until August 8th (included)).

Feel free to share your thoughts about this and discuss it with others (you may even get new chess friends during the discussion).

But that’s not all! The most ‘liked’ comment in the discussion (on our Facebook page) will be rewarded – that student will get our upcoming opening course (mentioned above) absolutely FREE! 🙂

P.S. Just stay tuned guys, as I’ll be revealing more information about the new opening course! 🙂
Comments: 23

Comments 23

  1. Excellent news..great surprise,thanks so much our teacher GM Igor Smirnov..I wish this new course is very strong like GOL2 or more…

  2. I don’t know how you improve on Opening Lab 2, unless you focus more exclusively on particular openings and really go in depth there. If the new course matches it in quality, it’s already a winner.

  3. Hey Igor! This course sounds great! I always have liked your courses and have 3 at the moment, unfortunately I am just a kid, and can only buy on occasion. Maybe one day! I hope to be a GM like you, am training a lot.
    – Elijah Logozar

  4. Hi ,
    What I would like from the new chess courses about OPENING is new lines in which you show us how your opening concepts works … The more openings the best we can understand the way you treat opening phase .
    Thanks !!!

  5. My problem in chess opening course is the author is sticky with one style and forget the reader have variety style and there isn’t show the method or technique which i learned later and use it particle games and i want be able to analysis the game and understand with myself the ideas, plans and be able to understand any plan behind any move

  6. Dear Igor its great that you are going to launch a new opening course that fantastic. And I like your idea about the topic of discussion related to openings. On Facebook mthakyu so much for this course and opportunity to get touch with you on fb.

  7. ok first of all teach each structures acording in opening play and add some surprising variations in each variation

  8. Thanks everyone for your ideas and suggestions! Some of them were a bit unexpected to me 🙂 Anyway I’ll certainly keep in mind your feedback for preparing new ‘ideal’ opening courses!

  9. They say pupils know the rules and masters knows the exceptions . It would be interesting to see openings in which exceptions to the rule works .

  10. OK Igor thankyu so much for your precious time and energy we are waiting for the new course and other course information for the future .dear sir I had like d your fb page on first day cab I get your opening course for free??

  11. HI Ayush,
    GM Igor is busy so let me help you.
    We are glad that you are excited about the new opening course.
    As mentioned in the blog, the comment with the most likes will get the course for free. As this seems to be a fair way to determine the best comment.

    Student Support Officer

  12. Thank you sir for this creply I had liked your fb page and discussed my question alsso with others guys don’t forget to give me the new course for free.

  13. Hello Ayush,

    The condition of this competition is to get the most “likes” for the comment on chess course. Unfortunately, your comment did not get the most “likes”.

    However, if you would contact our Support Department, we would be able to provide you a huge discount on the new course.

    Best regards,
    Silvestras | Customer Support Officer

  14. It would be also interesting to know in advance the opening in which you are working in , so as we don´t buy any other chess material but yours .

  15. It depend on students’ needs. I’ll analyze the results of the survey, comments, and feedback about “Bogo-Indian course”. In general my plan was to prepare separate mini-course about each opening presented in “The GM’s Openings Laboratory – 2”, and then expand to new openings. However, again, this is an approximate plan and in reality I’ll tailor it the students’ preferences and feedback.

    1. Thank you Igor so much for creating course on bogo Indian but sir next time please do not engage any other coaches to prepare new opening course .

  16. Hello Ayush,

    Igor has a busy schedule and can’t answer all questions.

    As for the Online Training Platform – it should come up in the following months. We will definitely announce it on our blog when we have more concrete information.

    Best regards,
    Silvestras | Student Support Officer

  17. Could we have an e-mail associated to our buys at remote chess academy so as we can receive discounts taking into account the courses we bought ?
    Thanks !

    1. Hi JOHNYY,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, you can have it. Here is the FAQ on how to create an account –

      Also check how to use the reward points –

      If you have any questions, please contact our Support Department at [email protected]

      Best regards,
      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

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