Why should you study the course “Play like Fischer”?

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Today our new course “Play like Fischer” is released. It’s a great opportunity for you to learn from the former world champion’s crystal-clear style and incorporate them in your own games. You can find more details about the course and grab it with an amazing offer (30% discount) here.
designIn this article I’d like to answer a few questions that you may have before purchasing this course. So let’s get started.
q&a Question:

I am below 1400 ELO, this course is too advanced for me” or “I want to improve from 1800 to 2000 or above, not from or to Fischer’s level.


This course is for beginners to intermediate students, thus, it is for you and you can understand it easily. Perhaps, you and no one else will never play exactly like Fischer. However, I’ve selected the techniques used by Fischer and even if you only use 10% of them you will definitely improve your game.



I don’t like Fischer


Here there are two possibilities. Either, you may not like the style or you may not like the personality of Fischer. Whether you like his personality or not, we can admit that he was one of the strongest chess players of all time. The advantage of his style is that it is very clear and is very easy to follow.

Fischer belongs to classical players. However, many top grandmasters today are using a lot of computer moves and they have very deep opening preparation. Very often they break the typical rules due to a specific tactical reason. Fischer played in a crystal and clear style and you can incorporate it in your games.


bobby fischer Question:

I have seen many Fischer games already, and I can find more on the Internet for free.”


The goal of the course is NOT just to show you Fischer’s games. The goal is to show you the thinking system he had and HOW exactly he found the brilliant moves. This topic has never been answered before.



I want to improve MY play, instead of watching Fischer’s games.”


Although the course analyses Fischer’s play deeply, its main focus is YOUR chess improvement. This is also the reason why we picked up the title “Play like Fischer”. We discuss about what you can learn from Fischer’s games and how you can incorporate his style in your play.

Last but not least, I’d like to stress the quality of the practical part of the course. The practical part is essential to put the knowledge you gained in the course into practice, and for this course ALL the exercises are from games played by Fischer, so you will practice from really high quality games.

So what are you waiting for? Use coupon “fischer” and get a massive 30% discount (save about $42 USD). If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here. This is a limited period offer – it will be valid from today till Sunday, 3 September (inclusive).
play like bobby fischer

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P.S. If you have any other questions/doubts, please write them in the comments below and we’ll answer them.

Comments: 3

Comments 3

  1. dear igor sir why dont you go to super gm tournaments and commentate there as other grandmaster do like peter svidler and danile king etc.??

      1. because you will a get a huge amount of money by commentating plus a lot of grandmaster doesnot know about you and your courses and your chess understanding is on high level so a lot of people will like it.and you can also work with top gms.at same time.

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