Will Karjakin become Russia's Minister of Defense?

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I really laughed out loud when I saw this very funny, yet, seems legit, tweet by a chess fan.
carlsen karjakin tweetThere is no doubt that Karjakin showed off his impressive defensive skills in both Game-3 and Game-4 of the World Championship Match against Carlsen. Though Carlsen got an advantage and a nice position, in both games, he was not able to successfully convert them into win.


How often do we see Carlsen failing to convert his advantage into a victory? That’s why one has to appreciate Karjakin for the perfect defense he had made, consecutively.


The current world no.2 player, Fabiano Caruana, pointed out and acknowledged this. You can find his tweets below:
fabiano caruana tweetMeanwhile, the man who beat the Women’s World Champion Hou Yifan in the recent Hoogeveen Festival, Nigel Short, also shared his views about those two games.
nigel short tweetOf course, one should not miss the humour of Anish Giri. You will be surprised to see his comments on who will win the World Championship Match. 🙂
anish giri tweetBy the way, you can vote for your favourite to win (Carlsen or Karjakin) here.


And not only that, Giri also responded to the ‘surprising result’ of draw in Game-4, even though the World Champion had an advantage.
anish giri tweetFinally, no one wants to miss what the former World Champion and one of the greatest chess players of all time, Garry Kasparov, says about Carlsen-Karjakin, right? 🙂
garry kasparov tweetMaybe it’s enough with the tweets of different players with different thoughts and opinions. Now I’ll share with you some of the interesting and funniest images related to the Carlsen-Karjakin Match. 🙂
carlsen vs karjakin world championship

The players after drawing colors for their games (photo: Albert Silver)

carlsen karjakin handshake world championship A disappointed Carlsen extending his hand to Karjakin, after missing the win in Game-3


magnus carlsen relaxing sleeping Carlsen stretched out on the couch, while Karjakin is locked in thought, during Game-4


magnus carlsen sergey karjakin world championship The picture says it all! (photo: Vladimir Barsky, Russian Chess Federation)


When asked, how they (Carlsen and Karjakin) feel after another long and hard-fought game, this is what they replied:


Sergey Karjakin: Fantastic!

Magnus Carlsen: I really believe it’s better to be attacking than defending.


It’s good to see that the World Champion never thinks less of himself and remains in a positive mood. 🙂


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P.S. What are your thoughts about the four games that have been played so far? And the fifth game will be played today (17th). What are your predictions for that? Feel free to comment below.



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Comments: 11

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      1. okk sir thankyou very much for this response dear sir i watched the commentraries of peter svidler and gm eric hansen of wcch match and these gms are fanstactic explaining mainly robin van kamphen and svidler some of explanations were not so much clear .please tell mei when you will comment on wcch match live??

        1. Thanks for your interest. GM Igor will comment on the games after they are over. Since it is much more in depth and useful.

          Prasaadh | Support Officer

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