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How to Win a Chess Game in 4 Moves

How to Win a Chess Game in 4 Moves

Winning in chess in just four moves is known as the “Four-Move Checkmate” or “Scholar’s Mate.” It’s a quick and satisfying way to win a game if your opponent is caught off guard. In this article, we’ll explore how to execute the Four-Move Checkmate and some of its potential pitfalls.

If you are not ready for this, maybe you need first to learn the names and values of the chess pieces.

And, while there are many ways to achieve checkmate, one of the most famous is the Four-Move Checkmate, also known as Scholar’s Mate.

Wait! Not all the time you will win in just 4 moves. It could happen in 5, 6, 7, or more… 😉
☉ So, if you cannot checkmate your opponent soon, you will be interested in knowing What Happens When a Pawn Reaches the Other Side in Chess?

Scholar’s Mate

Scholar’s Mate is a series of four moves that can quickly catch your opponent off guard and lead to an early checkmate.

It’s a great way to win a quick game or surprise your opponent in the opening!

And, in order to accomplish things like that, you just need a basic knowledge on how the chess pieces move.

Here’s how to execute the Scholar’s Mate, and checkmate Black in 4 moves:

1. Move Your Pawn to e4: This opens up the path for your queen and bishop to attack your opponent’s king.

2. Move Your Bishop to c4: This move puts your bishop on a diagonal that targets your opponent’s f7-square, which is a weak spot in the opening position.

3. Move Your Queen to h5: This move puts your queen on a diagonal that threatens a checkmate on f7 and threatens to checkmate Black in the next move

4. Move Your Queen and Take the f7-Pawn: This checks the black king and it has no square to go to. Thus, it’s checkmated.

🤓 This checkmate is delivered with just the queen and the support of a bishop. If you are curious enough, you can see other basic setups like this one at How You Can Win in Chess with Just a Queen.

☉ What’s Next

Once you have learned by heart how to win a chess game in just 4 moves, and you have got tired of beating your unprepared opponents, you will need something more…
The right path to win chess games in a few moves is getting the initiative since the first move, and even before that! ☺
This is what you get when you are playing White: You make the first move, you decide how the game goes. But your opponent will oppose  your ideas. That is why you need to learn, as soon as you can, the Best Chess Openings for Beginners with White.


The Scholar’s Mate is a famous and effective way to achieve a quick checkmate in chess.

It’s important to remember, however, that it’s not foolproof and that relying too heavily on these types of tactics can leave you vulnerable to more experienced players.

As with any aspect of chess, it’s important to practice and learn from your mistakes to become a stronger player.

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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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