Winning Patterns

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Today we will be discussing typical middlegame plans and patterns. Thus this lesson will contain practical information that you’ll be able to apply in your own games afterwards.


I asked Sagar Shah (my friend and a member of our Remote Chess Academy) to record this special lesson for you. So feel free to grab yourself a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy the video. :)
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You can download the games from this lesson in *.pgn format here: LINK
P.S. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in comments section below.

Comments: 29

Comments 29

  1. Thanks Sir Igor, you’re really a very good teacher, I joined our chess competition during our sportfest, your lesson about b3 for white and b6 for black gives me a winning game cause I study it very well.Thanks again for this new lesson ,more power to you.

    1. Yes the idea is very common in Benoni. In fact the first time this idea was used was in the game Penrose-Tal in 1960 when the world champion lost against this idea in Benoni defense! So you are absolutely correct.
      Actrually The botvinnik’s game was shown so that you can remember the pattern but you can look it up in the database. Its Botvinnik-Pomar, Varna Olympiad 1962.

    2. Hi Europatzer, this is the whole game!

      Botvinnik,Mikhail –
      Pomar Salamanca,Arturo

      Varna ol (Men), 1962
      1.g3 d5 2.Nf3 c5 3.Bg2 Nc6 4.d3 e5 5.0–0 Bd6
      6.e4 d4 7.Nbd2 Nge7 8.c4 f6 9.Nh4 Be6 10.f4 exf4 11.gxf4 Qc7 12.e5!! fxe5 13.f5 Bf7 14.Ne4 0–0–0 15.Qg4 Kb8 16.Qxg7 Bh5 17.Rf2 h6 18.Bd2 Rdg8 19.Qf6 Nc8 20.Ng6 Bxg6 21.fxg6 Be7 22.Qf7 Nd8 23.Qf5 Bh4 24.Rf3 Ne7 25.Qh3 Nxg6 26.Nf6 Bxf6 27.Rxf6 Qe7 28.Raf1 Nf4 29.R6xf4 exf4 30.Bxf4+ 1–0

      Manuel / Student Support Officer

  2. Thank you Igor for this instrucive video. This video give me an idea of how Grandmasters think during a chess game. In addition, there are some recommendation. Don’t play pawns in your weakiest side. However there are exceptions. Attack the center. A sacrifice is good if you receive something. Here is the activity of the knight in the middle of the board. When you play pawn moves or you have one bishop you have weak squares.

    1. Dear Christos,
      You have learnt a lot from this 28 min video! I am sure with this attitude of trying to absorb new ideas you will soon become a great player!

  3. This was a very instructive video even for a low-rated player like me. I found your style of instruction very easy to listen to and to understand. Thank you and I hope you soon get your IM title.

    1. Thank you so much for your nice compliments. I will try my best to be an IM as soon as possible and I hope you keep increasing your rating and become a strong player.

  4. Hi Sagar Ji,

    An excellent video. I loved it. You have explained deep positional ideas in such simple manner that it will have a long impression in any chess player’s mind who watches it. Would love to see more videos from you.

  5. Great Ideas Sagar and very clear. I think its important to learn when it’s advantageous to give up material in certain positions, especially when it’s for positional advantage. Many players know how to sacrifice to create an immediate attack, but sacrificing to improve your position without immediate attack or recaptures is tougher to grasp for most players. That’s because you can always count the number of pieces on the board, but you can’t “count a number” for who has the better position.

    Players these days are becoming more and more materialistic and are neglecting concepts such as when to give up the exchange or sacrifice a pawn. There may be many missed opportunities on the board if you don’t recognize such concepts. I think this lesson is a great reminder that chess isn’t just about material.

    1. Thank you very much Sunny! I think you got the essence of the video and I think you will surely be able to apply it in your games!

  6. Good Day! GM Igor this is a very inspiring tournament game from master Sagar combining WC Botvinnik game no wonder master Sagar become one of the superGM someday, thanks! & wait for another example video game about winning patterns

    1. Dear Arnold thanks for your kind words! I am sure with hard work, i will be able to become a very good player and i also wish you the same! 🙂

  7. <3 chess
    @GM Igor, Do you remember me when I opened to you about my sister? She is a chess player and now she gained some awards in chess. In school she is a board-1 player :)) I'm proud of her–really! because I was the one who taught her to play. She is now 7 years old woodpusher girl.

  8. Of course I remember you and your syster 🙂 My best congratulations with your great result! It’s nice to become #1 at such a young age. Good luck in your future advancement!

  9. Sagar Shagah
    Thank you very much for this video. Please could you can explain how can i record chess video.

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